LOVE, MOTHER EARTH, DANCE: The 2013 Community Survey Results are in!

Thank you all who took the time to give your feedback this year. Your thoughts and comments have given us valuable insights, enabling us to better understand and engage with the needs and desires of this very special community of ours!


Check out the survey results attached below!

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From the survey . . . some collected (collective) words of vision for Earthdance

The following quotes were submitted anonymously as a part of the Spring Community Survey

My vision for Earthdance is . . .

“A home for improvisation, where artists of diverse backgrounds, experience kinds/levels, bodies and cultures come together to share in teaching and learning community. That community is sustainable through a lively culture of food production, cooperative ethics, and the shared values of equality, open-mindedness, and foregrounding the creative process and its research.”

“To continue to thrive and stay true to supporting their mission, staff, and bottom line. I hope to see ED around for the next 100 years and beyond.”

“A community that co-creates in harmony with the land, offering education resources for developing creative lives for individual and collective transformation.”

“Beautiful land care by beautiful people. Beautiful people care by beautiful land.”

“Sustainability of the organization to be a unique and cutting edge place for artistic and environmental dialogue.”

“Utopia in practice.”

“I wish to see Earthdance have a more sustainable financial platform for its existence and evolution. This may be through continued outreach into its community but also though our devotion to Earthdance, there is a responsibility for us to reach through our financial supportive demographics to share abundance with this place. It is also our, the community's, responsibility to aid in the expansion of those who know about this magical place through word of mouth communication and by bringing new people into this growing family.”


“Continue to sponsor wonderful workshops.”

“That it continues to keep its core values and yet have easeful security and sustainability in every way.”

“A healthy, financially sound, sustainable, intentional community that acts as an incubator for developing people with competence in community, improvisation, innovation, artistry and social justice, who can learn and have fun at Earthdance and then go out and change the world.”

“Deepening it's roots in sustainable vibrant living, i.e. inclusive dancing, singing, community, loving sustainable creativity.”

"A space in which everyone is welcome to play, collaborate, and create and the majority of food is grown and/or preserved on site! Earthdance is a space in which dance and social/food justice initiatives are woven together and offered to the larger community!

“'A home for improvisation'" was the old tag line we used in all of the Earthdance publicity. What feels most critical to me is that this home continues to exist for artists and recreational dancers around the world to come to...and that this home be run by the same principles that guide the dancing. What I find most remarkable about Earthdance is that it is built around (and by) the practice of Contact Improvisation. All the philosophy about human relationship that comes forth in the dance form has a chance to play out in staff relations, community relations, policy decisions, board practice, and day to day operations. My CI students often dream of a world where people relate in the way they discover on the dance floor when they learn Contact Improvisation; it's such a blessing to tell them such a place exists. Of course, the experiment of living (and running a nonprofit organization) improvisationally is messy, but it is ultimately beautiful and an inspiration to many.”

“Becoming an even more vibrant community (both locally, regionally and globally) - for the integration of the moving arts to foster social justice and holistic personal development (physical-mental-emotional-spiritual).”

“That the living quarters should be as lovely and relaxing as the umbrella barn dance space, that the money anxieties will recede as new people will keep coming and appreciating what ED offers,that we get plugged into some bigger arts funding that helps us get over the hump of major repairs and code-upkeep issues. That the staff should feel supported and happy to be there, learning as they go, not getting burned out. That it become an efficient and smooth and joyful place, through great management and inspiration, and the energy of many intelligent staffers . . ."

“A global center for Contact Improvisation research and artist residencies.”


“To be thriving, more sustainable, and developing consistently for the next 60 years and beyond.”

“Dancing into ecological resilience! Encouraging more people like me to dance. Continuing to be so gosh darn welcoming.”

“For (Earthdance) to continue without the stress and struggle of lack, facilitated by grounding onto this land, and tapping into the abun-dance that already exists here in potential!”

“I think that making Earthdance somewhere that everyone who is a CI person feels they have to come at least once a year. Contact Improv. Mecca.”

“An International hub for CI. More and more youth involvement, without losing sight of history/past.”

“To change the world as I know it.”

“A mecca for raising consciousness through Contact Improvisation, helping  people be closer, freer, more expressive, and supported through community and artistry.”

“A world just like it.”

“More, merrier.”