5 Minutes with...Tara Rynders, Moving Arts Lab Faculty and E|MERGE Alumnae

Tara Rynders visited Earthdance for the first time as an E|MERGE Artist-in-Residence back in February. E|MERGE encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration toward forging new creative relationships that bridge known and unknown territories. She returns for her second visit most recently as a Moving Arts Lab faculty, co-teaching "Flowin' Flow" with Krista DeNio.

Davina Cohen, one of E|MERGE's producers, came up with these three questions to ask Tara.

Davina: Tell us about your experience at E|MERGE.

Tara: My experience at E|MERGE was one that I will carry with me always. For starters Earthdance offers such a beautiful space for all to come and take a moment to leave the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, daily routines, and offer us a chance to see our work, others work and other people in a new perspective. I was given the chance to lead a project during our two weeks together and found that it was extremely helpful in the creation of the work. It was a true collaboration as we all all spoke and shared our ideas and hopes for the performance and together made decisions on what would be best for the piece.  I believe EMERGE is a great place to learn about true collaboration with other artists. I found myself very connected to each person there in someway and walked away from that experience with many new friends and collaborators. I loved living, dancing, cooking, eating, creating, cleaning, and brushing my teeth with other artists and felt inspired just being around such a diverse group of people.  The directors of EMERGE pour their heart and soul into our two weeks ensuring a safe yet open environment that we can all explore in.

Davina: How has it affected your artistic practice? What kind of work have you made since you participated in E|MERGE? Have you continued to work with anyone you met during the residency and if so in what ways?

Tara: My time at EMERGE furthered my love and dedication to my project You & Me. I have continued since EMERGE to travel and perform this show multiple times in different cities. I am in close contact with a lot of EMERGE artists and recently began an Artist In Residence program out of my house and had Krista Denio as my first AIR. We have been working on a project together and together just recently co-led a workshop during the IIAC residency and moving arts lab at Earthdance.

Davina: You're about to take you & me on tour to Europe with several other E|MERGE resident artists.  Tell us about what you have planned.

Tara: We will be leaving for Europe at the end of Sept and I will be meeting up with Mariel Berger who is a past EMERGE artist that I had just met this past FEbruary, as well as Cristina Crippa, Mirva Makinen, and Allysa Lynes, all past EMERGE artists. We will be traveling together plus three others to create You & Me in Iceland, Finland, Germany, Ireland, and Austria. We will be traveling to each city performing with local artists, dancers, musicians, and chefs to create our evening length performance You & Me.

For more information on You & Me please check out www.tararyndershouse.com

E|MERGE brings together 30-40 artists of multiple disciplines for a ground-breaking, collaborative residency that successfully builds a dynamic and powerful interdisciplinary artist network: part think-tank, part lab, part workshop, part performance festival.

Our goal is to make the residency free for all participants! Stay tuned for information about our fundraising strategy.

Residency Dates: February 16-March 2, 2014

Application Deadline:  September 18, 2013

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