Preview "Any Resemblance," a performance project coming to Earthdance!

Jen Abrams, an 2012 E|MERGE artist, has co-created "Any Resemblance." Jen came as an artist-in-residence in September to make progress in her creative process. 

Any Resemblance is a multidisciplinary serial performance project. It follows Audrey and Maddy, a queer interracial couple, as they try to get pregnant. Each week,a new episode of their story is performed live in the kitchen of a Brooklyn brownstone. Between the episodes, you can follow the story as it unfolds in real time on the characters' social media streams.
The piece will be performed at Earthdance on November 2nd from 8-10 p.m.

Visit our event webpage here!

Watch the first episode below:

Episode One: Logistics from Jen Abrams on Vimeo.

All the project content is available at