Welcome to the Gallery!

Ayla Rector, Executive Chef at Earthdance, shares about the newly reopened  Earthdance Gallery, featuring the work of Earthdance staff!

(by Ayla Rector)

Recently at Earthdance the creative energy has been flowing. Spring arrived, and the staff's creativity with it. Since then, Ayla Rector and Kelsey Hobbs have had the idea of creating a space to hold this creativity. After a few meetings and hearing the exclamations from the staff, we all agreed, The Gallery shall be reinstated. With the help of Sean Kearney's building expertise and a lot of wonderful excitement, we created a quaint show room in a space that seems to be meant for creative showings.

The Gallery will be open 7 days a week during work hours (with room for flexibility.) This month's showing will run from June 3rd-July 9th. We have dedicated this month to the work of Earthdance staff. Not only will you enjoy viewing this work, but you have the option to take it home and love it everyday. Most work in The Gallery is for sale; by supporting the staff you are ultimately supporting Earthdance's well-being overall. We're happy to be maintaining and creating such a wonderful exchange, so come on over, and take a look!


If you are interested in in showing your work in the Earthdance Gallery for the month of  July/August or beyond, please contact Ayla Rector or Kelsey Hobbs at  executivechef@earthdance.net , intern@earthdance.net.