Earthdance welcomes iLAND and iLAB residents...join us!

On May 22nd from 3-6pm members of the iLAND community and current iLAB residents invite you to spend the afternoon with them.  This event will be an opportunity to engage with the 2013 iLAB residency - Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech. Their residency team includes Fantastic Futures: Julio Hernandez, Huong Ngo, Phuong Nguyen, Solgil Oh, Sable Elyse Smith, Or Zubalsky; Environmental scientist of Urban Evolutionary Biology, Jason Munshi‐South and Multi‐disciplinary artist, Sonia Finley

This event comes in the midst of a weeklong residency at Earthdance during which time the collaborators will immerse themselves in the development of their collaborative process and to engage in the different kinds of questions and methods that arise in a rural environment. The public engagement will provide an opportunity to participate in aspects of their process as well as contribute to a discussion on questions about difference, biodiversity, proximity and intervention. They will be exploring these questions through the cross pollination of artistic practice and scientific method. For instance, in regards to the understanding of diversity of humans, plants, and animals, how and why is difference measured? What do we consider “natural” and how are urban systems “naturalized?” When is a change in our environment deemed worthy of intervention? Who has the power to intervene? When should one exert or not exert that power? How does this relate to geopolitical policy, national identity, or interpersonal relationships?

The residents will be working with Jennifer Monson (founder and artistic director of iLAND) and other iLAND community members on the development of practices that help address these questions through iLANDing – a model for interdisciplinary collaboration with a strong emphasis on the role that dance and somatic practices play in environmental and aesthetic understanding.

iLAND (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance) is a dance research organization that investigates the power of dance, in collaboration with other fields, to illuminate our kinetic understanding of the world.  To learn more visit: