"Culture of Generosity" Director's Loft by Sarah Young

We are a culture of generosity.  Each day we decide to show up at Earthdance, we are being generous to ourselves, to the people the brought us, and to those who will be here long after we are gone.

As a lineage of creative, strong-willed, and big-hearted individuals, we are making good use of our roots. Supportive systems are emerging. Earthdance, as an organization and an organism, is establishing programming rhythms that make us an accountable draw, offering fertile space and time for artists to create, expanding our food ecology, and keeping our facilities accessible and strong.

Because you keep showing up – to dance, to connect, to tell your story, and to lend support, Earthdance exists. You are the indispensible part of all this. My role is to make it easy for you to love contributing to what we do, and to feel integral and vibrant in this Culture of Generosity. 

This present moment is where our deep, long-term vision for Earthdance resides. What has come before and what will follow always meets at this exact moment of initiation. The generosity that we generate in this moment will lead us to the next decision, the next action, and the next generation. 

We do it together.  Like a jam, every person in the room is felt. We share the weight. We meet each other at that very point of contactBe present.  Be patient. Be generous.