April Work Weekend

Kalyan Uprichard, Building & Grounds Manager at Earthdance, shares plans for the Earthdance garden and other projects we will be undertaking this upcoming weekend during our annual Spring Work Weekend, Kalyan's favorite event of the year.


by Kalyan Uprichard

Spring is upon us again and it’s almost time for our annual Spring Work Weekend. I have been spending most of my time of late doing all kinds of things in preparation for this event, my favorite of the year.

Since the establishment of Earthdance as a 501(c)3, the activities of the business have not left as much space for the community that Loves this place just to be here on their own terms. So the opportunity to just be here as an active member of a community this coming weekend makes this event feel that much more special. In the past, the annual Spring Work Weekend has been the most hope-inspiring event of the year, year after year, and has brought me back to Earthdance again and again.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about food security and the desire to grow more food here at Earthdance for the sake of sustainability (Earthdance's as well as the Earth's), and for the delight of our palate. So in response to that desire, the directors wanted to focus on food security as the theme for this year's work weekend. It is the Spring Work Weekend, and we would normally spend a lot of time preparing the garden anyway. This year we have a new Gardener, Sean Kearney, who will be leading the way to a more diverse offering from the garden this year. Here are a few of the things we will have in the garden this year:

Snap peas                Snow peas

Fresh beans              Dry beans

Spring radishes         Lettuce

Spinach                     Kale

Boc choi                    Red mustard

Broccoli                     Cabbage

Kohlrabi                     Cucumbers

Summer squash        Sweet potatoes

Winter squash           Corn

Tomatoes                   Pumpkins

And lots of herbs

In addition to growing more things, we will also be building some new beds, specifically putting up a pea and bean trellis that could end up being over 100 ft long, and putting in a few summer greens beds nestled closer to the trees south of the garden, where they will get more shade in midsummer. We will also be planting more fruit trees and berry bushes, adding to the edible hedge east of the garden, as well as some in the orchard and the garden at the Gratitude Lodge. Here are the perennial fruits we will be planting:

Dwarf apricot                  Dwarf cherry

Native Plum (all 3 for the edible hedge)

Black Mulberries             Persimmons

Blueberries                       Honeyberries

Goji Berries                      Josta Berries

Gooseberries And Currents


Even with the focus on food this upcoming weekend, there are several other projects we would love to work on as well, such as:

Continuing the slab wood fence that was started last spring

Building another tent platform or two

Putting up two new tent cabins

Putting new doors on the shed

Firewood splitting

Painting the outside trim of the Square Barn

Orchard Pruning

Deep cleaning the Farmhouse and Gratitude Lodge

Yard and grounds cleanup

As well as cooking, cleaning, childcare and having a lot of fun doing it.


I look forward to seeing you all in a few days!