Director's Loft: Advancing our Community Food Security

As 2013 unfolds, those of us who hold down the fort are asking ourselves how to engage the community in advancing our food production and processing at Earthdance. We are all well aware of the rising food prices, and the impact those prices have on our own wallet. At Earthdance, we consider that for the hundreds to thousands of individuals that bring grace to our dinner table. So how is it that we can maximize on our ability to ensure that, despite the rise in food costs, in this year or years to come, we will still be providing delicious, healthy, local and organic food to all who pass through our doors?

Join us this month as we embark on advancing our Community Food Security at Earthdance. By maximizing our garden through crop layering and rotation, companion planting, and appropriate species placement via permaculture concepts, we can yield a higher volume of delicious produce for our kitchen. One current challenge is the limited space and personnel we have for food processing. That’s where you come in.
Imagine an Earthdance with gardens galore. Imagine you, sitting in fields of fresh berries, salad greens, herbs and veggies. Imagine yourself planting the seeds of change, and a hope for a better, brighter future – where a healthy, delicious meal is a right rather than a privilege. This April 26th – May 2nd at our Annual Work Weekend and Skill Shares Week, we will discuss the topic of Community Food Security, lay out design
plans for an outdoor food processing kitchen, and sow the seeds of the bountiful harvest we’ll enjoy collectively throughout the years. This is your community, your home, your business, and your future.
On April 26th, let’s plant Earthdance together ~ in love, in sunlight, and in envisions of a sustainable Earthdance, whose food security is a model for aspiring community organizations worldwide.
In community,
Jess Lotak
Executive Director of Business & Finance