"Engaged Body Free Body" Instructor Catherine Lessard's Movement and Words

This weekend, Montreal based movement teacher, Catherine Lessard, will be leading a workshop on subtle training and deep research into liberating the thinking and dancing body. The workshop will be an exploration in human expression through breathing, awarenss, and various nuances of touch movement, offered in a deep atmosphere of respect and discovery. More information on the workshop can be found here!

To get you aquainted with this incredible dancer, we are featuring two videos of Catherine! The first video, is a solo exploration of the passage from the aquatic world to life on earth. Catherine moves back and forth from the animal the human body. Music for this video is by Morton Feldman. 

The second video is an interview with Catherine wherein she discusses her concept of "the invisible kinesphere" in reference to her class called by the same name at the Dance New England Summer Camp. This video was created by Sanford Lewis for www.contactonscreen.com. 


Thank you for watching. We hope these videos bring a closer insight into the work that Catherine embodies as well as a glimpse into her mind.