Director’s Loft: Emerging :: Engaging

Throughout my first month as Executive Artistic Director, I have been amazed and inspired by Earthdance's passion, rich resources, and the dynamic layering of its community. Artists, organizers, researchers and builders bring life and vision to this unique organization on a daily basis.

During February, I enjoyed the riches of the E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Artist Residency. With their own distinct collaborative processes, the artists worked in the studios, outside and in the kitchen to build projects together over the course of two weeks. They readily shared experiences and questions, and included the perspectives and participation of those around them. Alongside their artistic investigations, I appreciated the spontaneous moments of joy and togetherness, like gathering around the ukulele to sing songs in the living room, and watching afternoon cartwheeling through the snow.

As we head into March, we will soon welcome the world-traveling Catherine Lessard for her workshop of “subtle training and deep research,” Engaged Body, Free Body from March 14-17. A beautiful mover and a perceptive teacher, Catherine is offering us a mellifluous opportunity. Be sure to take advantage of this! (Registration closes on Friday, March 8.)

As I continue to experience all that is Earthdance and further define my place in the community, I relish its long and colorful history and what place the present moment holds in its history. I appreciate having been welcomed so readily; I already feel my vision clarifying and my work progressing. I recognize that relationships take time to build. Trust and wisdom are not earned quickly, and creditability is not easily established overnight. So, I will move forward in earnest as I continue to listen, rely on, and contribute to the bountiful, steady stream of generosity, support, experience and talents that surrounds me.

Sarah Young
Executive Artistic Director