From the Director's Loft: Transition and Regeneration

The snow falls on a busy Earthdance. This has been a time of transition and regeneration, as Krista DeNio generously passes along the spirit of Earthdance that she has inherited and nurtured over the past three and a half years as Executive Artistic Director.  Together, over these last few weeks, our one current, one departing, and one entering Directors have been dancing through the transition with our focus on all that is past, present, and future Earthdance.  As we, Jess and Sarah, step forward into partnered leadership today, it is with great possibility that we look to you ~ our community, our reason, our purpose ~ to find the directions forward together as a collective body and soul.  This year we have many hopes and aspirations for honing in on your voice, your value, your vision; we need you now more than ever before...

We ask you to walk with us, stand beside us and show us the way.  In doing so, it is with great energy and enthusiasm that we share our goals for Earthdance 2013 ~ to articulate the vision of our collective future by gathering the voices of each and every one of you.  Jess has been working behind the scenes for nearly two years in leadership here, creating fundamental business and financial sustainability, and is diligently developing the framework for Eathdance’s first ever Organizational Handbook.  Throughout her investigation of Earthdance history, she has recognized our tremendous need to articulate our bigger picture ~ our vision.  In doing so, Jess is working with staff who have initiated an Organizational Sustainability Committee to ignite these conversations and gather information on just who and what Earthdance is to you, and what the future holds for our ample array of possibilities.  With Sarah now on board, together we will be embarking on new pathways to garner the life-force that makes Earthdance all that it has been to each of you in the past, remains today and guides the way into our future.  

We ask that each of you make plans this year to attend our now ~ twice annual ~ work weekend.  In April, we will hold our annual Community Meeting.  In September, we will hold a Town Hall.  Both of these are opportunities to define our purpose forward together, re-align as a community, and acknowledge our shared affect on one another, ourselves and our planet.  Your voice and your honesty, is critical to our process.  Please mark these dates in your calendar and plan to join in this conversation.  In addition, plan to stay for the rest of the week, after both weekends in April and September, to engage with staff and community further to share our skills and build Earthdance, as we bond in our understanding of one another and our future together.  

Through this period of directorship transition, there has been opportunity to revisit that which has been built before us, celebrate the benchmarks we’ve reached, dust off those ideas that may have fallen by the wayside, and to reinvigorate and initiate valuable relationships.  We have had an ongoing dialogue of the many champions, passions, experiments, harvests, and dances that have come before our time. (Jess arrived in 2011; Sarah, now, in 2013.)  We have been sorting through the paperwork of the past, the digital files of the present, and looking to the horizon of what's to come.  We look forward to the conversations that will ensue as this year dances on...  Graciously, we move forward in tandem – along with the staff, community, and creative vitality that is Earthdance. Our eyes are open. We're listening and grounded.


With recognition, gratitude and love from your dedicated Earthdance Directors,

Sarah Young
Executive Artistic Director


Jessica Lotak
Executive Director of Business & Finance