Thank You Krista DeNio, Congratulations Jess Lotak, Welcome Sarah Young!

The Earthdance Board would like to take a moment to honor three amazing women in leadership at Earthdance: Krista DeNio, Jess Lotak and Sarah Young.

Thank you Krista DeNio!

Krista is a powerful leader, vibrant artist, passionate activist and our outgoing Executive Artistic Director. For the last 3.5 years, Krista has devoted herself wholeheartedly to Earthdance, developing Earthdance as a contemporarily relevant center for artistic practice, building on our strong history of improvisational dance practices and pointing toward a future that holds more socially engaged and sustainable community work. Through nurturing and continuing to support the Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Project and introducing cutting-edge programming like E|Merge, Krista has helped bring an amazing collection of artists and activists through our doors, while also building bridges between Earthdance and a wider artist/activist community. Krista is going on to teach dance at Marlboro College and pursue engage in her performance work. We wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors. Thank you Krista for your service to this organization and this community.

Congratulations Jess Lotak!

Jess Lotak is a smart, savvy businesswoman and our recently promoted Executive Director of Business and Finance. Over the past 2 years as Associate Director of Business and Finance at Earthdance, Jess has been moving Earthdance into sustainable practices, both financially, and in our use of our vast buildings and grounds resources. Earthdance is on strong financial footing as we step into 2013, and that is largely due to Jess' good work. This promotion is given in recognition of her skills and excellent contributions and also signals a return to our co-Director leadership structure. Congratulations Jess!

Welcome Sarah Young!

Sarah Young is a warm, grounded, creative woman and our
incoming Executive Artistic Director. Sarah is coming to Earthdance from Brooklyn, NY, and bringing us her experience in arts administration, programming and fundraising, among many other talents. Sarah is the founder of Flying Arts (an inter-cultural arts exchange program for youth), leads annual cultural exploration trips to Morrocco with her husband Brahim, a company member of Treehouse Shakers Dance-Theatre Company, and also teaches dance, yoga and is becoming a certified Feldenkreis teacher. And, like our past Director, Spirit, Sarah served in the Peace Corps, with placement in Morocco. Sarah is an active member of the New York CI community, has been coming to Earthdance for many years and is excited to be making this shift to Western Mass. and Earthdance leadership. We are so excited to have you! Welcome Sarah!

Best Wishes to All in 2013 ~ See you on the dance floor!

The Earthdance Board
Kent Alexander, Kelly Bitov, Justis Hatch, Chisa Hidaka, Gopi Krishna and Ophra Wolf