Status Updates on the Magic of the New Years Jam

This just in from our Facebook: a stream of expectation, exaltations and gratitude from this year's New Year's Jam.  Happy New Year everyone!


I'm packing up for the annual experiment in communal creativity through the dancing, shmoozing and whimsical conviviality at Earthdance New Year's Jam. I do love to ring in the New Year with dance and song, but this morning I dreamt vividly of all the rowdy dwarves in the Hobbit crowding into the Earthdance kitchen, demanding their supper...Guess I'm gearing up for the press of the jolly crowd, as well. ;-) — Neige

What a perfect day. So much luscious movement, massage, walk in the snow, nap on the dance floor with a friend, delicious vegan and vegetarian food, singing and live music bits, and did I mention more luscious movement? Earthdance CI JAM ... YUM! 
— Bonnie

This snow is unbelievably amazing! I am blown away by the worlds beauty. We're having an amazing New Years Jam over yonder at Earthdance CreativeLiving! Thank you all for the loving understanding and forgiveness in regards to the weather. I am so pleased to have such a strong community in my life!

NO WONDER I'm so devoted to Earthdance CreativeLiving- what a joyous community! 


Ahhhhhh! Back home from my epic time at Earthdance CreativeLiving. Thank you for the love, the healing, the DANCE, the sweet, sweet community magic that touches me deep in my soul...
— Samantha

Woke this morning full of gratitude for all the sweet souls at Earthdance CreativeLiving who made for such a rich & thoughtful transition into 2013. How lucky I am to live in a community that so values open-heartedness, vibrant wild embodiment, & deep ritual. (And cake. I am very grateful for the cake!) It's going to be a good year. Thank you, darlings.