What does your Celebration Score look like?


The Celebration Score is an improvisation designed to inspire the creation of a celebration and fundraiser for Earthdance in your community.   
From October 8th until December 31st we invite you to create a gathering, however big or small, bringing together a couple of friends, your whole neighborhood, or many communities, to celebrate and support Earthdance!

Here's the Score:

  1. Find a location a house, a studio, a field, a farm
  2. Gather some friends colleagues, neighbors and collaborators
  3. Make a motion, move, build something together improvise or make a dance, eat, have a parade, wear a costume, build a barn, tell stories
  4. Direct that energy upward, toward each other, toward the future, toward Earthdance remember the last 25 years, remember the last time you were at Earthdance, think about what it was, what it is, what you'd like it to become
  5. Share it email us a little note, photograph, thought or video about your Celebration Score
  6. Send your proceeds to Earthdance: 252 Prospect St. Plainfield, Ma 01070

Click here for the logistics.