Making Tamales with Monel

By Monel Chang

Craving some diversity in our Earthdance fare and  watching Sean peel corn husks inspired me to buy some harina masa during an opportune trip to the Whole Foods in Hadley to make traditional Mexican tamales. In hosting a "tamale party" and inviting neighbors Gopi, Bi-Sek and their daughter Paloma, we made a splendid night out of it. 
In gathering the ingredients, we luckily had fatty chicken broth, onion powder, and chili powder. So after mixing five cups of harina masa with the appropriate moistness of lardy broth, I sprinkled spices and added fresh corn off the cob. I spread the "dough" on opened insides of corn husks and folded them in, tied them closed and voila, made little tamales
For our Tamale Party, we set up a tamale making station where people could design and fill their tamale to their choosing. The stuffings included chicken, cheddar cheese, red onions, green chili peppers and lots of fresh corn. 
After having some leftover tamale dough, I made mini tamale pies by filling a small muffin with the dough in a cup shape and including more delicious fillings. 
We also had beans, salad, hummus and rice. It was nice.