Reflections from (Engage) Bodies in Action by Nick Chavez

I never walked naked and steaming through a forest before.
I never danced as if I could, in front of strangers no less.  And it was good.
I never told a stranger the problems of my heart, let alone stir the ether and energy together in collaborative, elaborative duet.
I never applied dance to administrative problems, and gleaned meaning immediately.
I never felt better forgetting my toothbrush.

Funny things happen at Earthdance...
Strangers become acquaintances become collective beings, and friends.
So many aspects of life can be viewed through the lens of interpretive movement, and vice versa. I never knew, but I won't forget.
Coconut soup can be profound- especially when your soul is fed too.
Love can be, effortlessly.
Life can happen, so graciously.
Priorities recede and grow, seeds are sown, and muscles know, remember, both flexing and limber, transcending the ether,
jamming like biscuits together.

Eyes afire shining presence
laughter contention delirious essence
Thank you Lord for all these presents
I received when I stayed in those hills.
I give thanks in so many ways,
I'm enrobed in Renewal today.


Nick Chavez is a Poet, Photographer, Artist, Citizen and Veteran who participated in (Engage) Bodies in Action in October 2012.