From the Director's Loft: Writings from JF/HTHLC


From this year's (our SEVENTH year!!) Julius Ford /Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Conference, at Earthdance!


"These pieces were created in my writing workshop and captured the prompts I offered perfectly! They envisioned their communities and its needs using refreshing and genuine written expression, and happily included new vocabulary I proposed and defined for them, stretching their limits and taking risks. I am taken aback by their talent, and it speaks for the JFHTHLC program as a whole!"- Amina Jordan-Mendez, 5th year organizer
"Who are we? Do you really know, or do you base your knowledge off of the fulfillment of society and contempt of what this country is truly built upon? We are but refugees, running to escape this pandemic known as life, this disease has been altered by every government official and leeched out into the world as a whole new piece. When can we go back to the days where life was healthy, when we could drink its essence and feed off its knowledge? Where is the integrity that lies within, the antidote to love this pandemic, this once great drug that hauled our hearts? Everything we do seems improbable to those who do not know life as we do. Provoking these conclave societies, to workshop life as it should be and not to levee the minds of others but awaken them to the truths. Life is not as we are told, life is much more. Let us rise, to pick this world up, and drop every idea known to the hearts of the people willing to live life, onto the hands of all those who apply filibuster to our everyday lives."  -Benjamin "Bush" Christopher
"I'm provoking me to be anything other than a girl from that place where they say aint got shit to offer, telling me and girls like me that cycles turn and as they turn heads spin fast and next thing you know your a part of that cycle. I won't be a fool kissing frogs waiting till a fairy tale a-pairs as the number a lips kissed add up and the negative names erupted like Hoe, pop and smut these Springfield street are hot not even having to set fire to the rain because these streets are gasoline paved and when night falls fire ignites and I watch it pour night upon night not wanting to get stuck in the wet cement walk ways and the park that park and pause your life as you sit and "chill" day after day, as fakeness builds, and you fall victim to lines in and out of lines with a child his ours mine but the "his" part excuses himself to do time trying to open glued shut and blind eyes, walking through streets inflamed, when it burns well I cry cause I heard it calling out your name don't get stuck in a city of rain.-By Iyawna 
With great gratitude to the entire JFHTHLC organizing collective for your generosity of spirit, endurance, passion, devotion and the opportunities we have facilitated together in partnership with Earthdance!
We give thanks, 

Krista DeNio

Executive and Artistic Director