From the Director's Loft: Gratitude and Good-byes


Just how DO things get done at Earthdance? 
Well, the incredible network of systems and organization for flow of operations (mixed with the love, sweat, tears, laughter, and we're not gonna lie, hard work of the whole staff + community).  But just how do all of these systems, webs and inner workings between all limbs of the body come together? 


These past two years, this central organizing channel of the Earthdance body has been: Rachel Schwartz!  AT THIS TIME, WE ALL NEED TO GIVE A BIG, HUGE SHOUT OUT TO RACHEL, as she moves on to the next phase of her life. Earthdance will miss her greatly and we've promised to keep close tabs on her! If you'll be at this year's July 4th Jam, you will have the opportunity to have some dances with Rachel and celebrate + send her off well.   

Meanwhile, a close collaborator in the central hub, in-fact second only to the dance studios, the KITCHEN is the heartbeat, we could say, of Earthdance.  With full heart, lungs, barrels of love, and the best mole sauce in the world, Andreas Wittstock has also given (2) years of service, with incredible gusto and excellence. Andreas will also be moving on to his next phase of life, joining his wife Lily in England soon.   

Andreas! Vamos a echar de menos! We are going to miss you, your brilliant cooking, your heart and your strong love.  MUCHISIMAS GRACIASO POR TODO ANDREAS.  Again, for those of you coming to the July 4th Jam, you also have the opportunity to celebrate this wonderful man, who will also remain an integral part of the Earthdance body.

We look forward to celebrating them both, along with our continued 25th year anniversary and many of our community, this week. Hasta Pronto you two rock stars!

In gratitude for all Earthdance staff, and the excellent service they provide,

Krista DeNio

Executive and Artistic Director