Space Available in Nomadic College Classes

Nomadic College is here at Earthdance for the Month of June.  In addition to their public events there is space available in these week-long workshops.  To register email:

Week 1 - June 5-9

JUST FOLK IT with Kelly Keenan;  International folk dances

International folk dances are A great way to explore and practice Axis principles through functional and dynamic steps and gestures, a wide range of movement qualities and spacial formations. Created and re-created by and for the people these dances continue to evolve, blurring the lines between contemporary and traditional. 

E= MOVEMENT + STILLNESS; explaining applied physics for dynamic movement (LALU SIMCIK)

Biomechanics εμβιομηχανική (from Ancient Greek: βίος "life" and μηχανική "mechanics")

The mechanics of life follow the principles of physics as described by the language of mathematics.  Movement is bound to follow the body's anatomy, while at the same time, the body’s physical matter is made of Earth that is bound to follow the laws of physics.  

There are great forces at work passing through our bodies.

What are these unbreakable laws?  How can I work with them to create efficient and conserving movements?  How does this apply to both dynamic movement and ordinary walking?  Movement phrases will cover conservation of momentum, kinetic energy, potential energy, centrifugal force, and spinal waves.


Week 3 - June 18-23

ON THE BALL; landing & launching pads with Ruth Downright

360 degrees of possibilities. Bounce, rebound and rolling our way along unpredicatable pathways we will touch on various subjects within chronological architecture; such as receptive and propulsory systems and landing and launching pads. 

THE ART OF WALKING with Francesca Pedulla

We walk every day...

we walk to arrive in different places, with different rhythms

we walk in different states of mind, with different intentions

sometimes we walk simply to walk...

... we walk... and perhaps we never consider, that hidden in this gift, nature's gift of ambulation, all the principles that govern movement can be seen and felt.

During this workshop we will use theoretical and practical clues for examiniing the bio-mechanical principles of walking. "Step by step", through improvisation, observation and reflection we will evolve towards a dance that, as much as possible, brings our bodies into tune and touch with the universal motor principles.

NOMADIC YOGA;  Stretching Through Dancing  with Kelly Keenan

Using Axis Syllabus principles of moving alignment we will lavish in the transitions into and out of recognisable forms, stretches and yoga poses.  Emphasis on breath, relaxation and navigating the available space we will progress to increasing fluidity, range and awareness.  Open to all levels. 

THE STILL POINT  - Feldenkrais for Dancers (MIranda Janeschield)

Assemble the Self to a still point in readiness for kinetic energy. Eliminate mental states and physical actions that use too much force, energy expenditure and torque on the muscles and joints.  From an alert mind, act on what is sensed. The senses are occupied with specific forces moving through the body.  With ease enter into the earth while pressure sensors and weight detectors are awakened. With curiosity find the transmission of force as a union between body mass sequentiality and gravity. Let the weight calculators in the muscles and joints inform your movement through archs and curves. The whole body never leaves awareness while the sensory-motor details are honed into one action.