Community Boundaries in Sexuality and Safety

We are passing along this letter and request from two of our community members, Sanford Lewis and Selena Goldberg.  We are grateful for and support this dialogue which they are continuing in our community.    


Dear Dance Friends,

There has been a vibrant and dynamic conversation in the Northampton area dance community on the topic of boundaries, sexuality and safety (emotional and physical) in the dances. There was a heartfelt sharing circle in December attended by 40 people. One next step in followup is to gather some more info from the broader dance community -- those who were there, and those who could not attend.

We aspire to create a safe and sacred space for the dance. Thus, this survey is a followup to gather additional information from you, to help maintain alignment of the dances with our community's values.

Your input is imperative in co-creating a dance space we can all enjoy. Please fill this out now, it should only take a couple of minutes.  This email may self destruct in one minute so click on the link now and accept this mission of love. 

Please complete the survey by May 11.


Sanford Lewis