The Apprenticeship Project by Hana van der Kolk



Williams College Department of Dance Presents The Apprenticeship Project 
Conceived and Directed by Hana van der Kolk
May 9, 2012, 7-10pm (audience can come and go)
510 State Rd # 1  North Adams, MA (former Family Billiards)
Admission is Free
More info:

Williams is proud to present The Apprenticeship Project, a collectively-created performance installation. The performance features 34 performers engaged in a variety of activities from cooking, painting, carpentry, botany, and Tai Chi, to spoken word, music, dance, meditation, and other actions that cultivate and exhibit kinesthetic trust and sensitivity. The audience will have the opportunity to view the event from a variety of vantage points for as long or short as they like, as well as to participate in the project by receiving a Reiki treatment, getting a haircut, or contributing to the creation of an experimental music composition. The audience is welcome to enter or leave at any time. 17 Williams College students from a variety of courses of study have been engaged in semester-long, 1-to-1, mutual apprenticeships with residents of Williamstown, North Bennington, and North Adams. The group of local residents includes a composer, a Zumba enthusiast, a painter, a massage therapist, a former acrobat, a farmer, a harmonica player, and a beekeeper, among others. They have been teaching aspects of their skills to the Williams students while the students have been leading their partners in a variety of movement- and music-based exercises drawn from the fine art/dance course they are taking this semester entitled Perceptual Intelligence. Existing at the boundaries of conceptual art, sculpture, theatre, dance, and country fair, The Apprenticeship Project is the performative culmination of this exciting process of exchange. 

The Apprenticeship Project was conceived and directed by this year's Williams College Arthur Levitt '52 Artist-in-Residence, Hana van der Kolk. Hana is originally from Boston, MA and has been coming to Earthdance periodically over the years, including for Andrew Harwood and Chris Aiken's Opening to the Unknown workshop in 1999, to teach at the SEEDS Festival and perform a Deborah Hay adaptation with Layard Thompson in 2006, and to participate in the college CI class and jam just this April. She currently works throughout the US and abroad, most regularly in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.