Hilary Lake is at Earthdance because...

I'm at earthdance because its an opportunity for me to dig in, root down, hang in there, grow up and open out!  But also because I'm deeply committed to being in and co-creating community that cares for the complete wellness of each individual member, the larger vision they hold in common, the environment that they share and the message that they send out into the world.  Earthdance is a place that I see has the potential to be a fertile ground for personal growth in my own inner awareness, social awareness, professional development and connections to others who are deeply engaged in the work of transformation in all areas of their lives and for the planet.  While these are big ideas, it is the day to day practical interactions of authentic joy and heart felt care that keep me encouraged and inspired to stay focused on what is possible and already true in the place below and above that connect us all.  I stay at earthdance because I continue to feel so much gratitude in being here, knowing it exists and that we are constantly creating it.   

-Hilary Lake, Office Manager

What brings you to Earthdance and keeps you coming back?  
Tell us! Write to: devandmarketing@earthdance.net and we'll post it to this blog.