From the Director's Loft: I'm at Earthdance because...

Recently in our Staff Group Process, Hannah & Jake lead us in writing.  

I am at Earthdance because...

Here is some of what poured out of my pen on paper:

I wanted to learn more about sustainable living; being an artist in a community of artists who are driven by similar value systems re: sustainable living, social justice, community as crucial aspects of being an artist and human.  

I wanted to learn and grow in leadership and in visioning a more positive way of living on the planet.  

I wanted to be with visionary people in community.  

I am here because I am a dancer.  

Because C.I. has been a central form to my development as a dancer and person, and always gives me the opportunity to "come back home" to myself.

Because C.I. represents so many of my own core values. 

Because I have committed to the idea of urban-rural exchange.  Because it's beautiful here, and because I believe that all humans (and artists) need to have the experience and opportunity to live in both urban and rural settings.  We all need rest and restoration.  We all need space.  We all need resources, community, creativity, acceptance.  We all deserve them.  

Earthdance provides these opportunities for so many people, and gives people a sense of home and faith (trust in something greater), through community, through the beauty of the land and buildings (and the beautiful spirit by which they were built), and because there is always room for creative ideas, and new innovation.

I am here, because of these incredible studios, this community, the potential for so much forward thinking, creative innovation, and problem-solving.

Because the opportunity to integrate all of this with social justice (a caring for the well-being of ALL in the world), meant for me--choosing a whole/holistic view.  

The goals are lofty, but I will probably always be an idealist.

I am at Earthdance, because I am an idealist.

There.  I said it.  Earthdance is a place full of ideals and idealists....and creative thinkers and innovators.

I love the potential, the possibility.  

I love what's been created and what is building-—on so many levels.

This Director's Loft dedicated to Stephen Yoshen, great creative mind and spirit who built so much of what is here today...Our thoughts, love, gratitude for all that you are, have given, and created Stephen!

in community, 

Krista DeNio
Executive and Artistic Director


Why are you at Earthdance and what keeps you coming back?  Write to us at and we'll share it on this blog.