From the Director's Loft: SustainABILITY

What does it mean to truly sustain ourselves, our community, this land, this organization, our artistic practices?

These are the questions that we are asking ourselves and discussing with one
another every day at Earthdance, in our offices, in the studios, hallways, buildings &
While dancing in a trio score at the recent Spring Equinox C.I. Jam here, my trio was noting the challenge in sustaining the complex dynamics of three different bodies, tempos, instincts, sensibilities (no wonder it's much easier and more common to find ourselves in duets). At the same time, we noticed how many more options there were, and what a diversity of experience, impulses and skills were brought to the dance. We had a wonderful time, and also discovered totally new choices that were not necessarily typical to each of us (thanks Leslie & Ben). There are so many ongoing lessons within C.I. and our improvisational practices that live alongside and within the daily work that makes Earthdance survive and thrive.
Here’s a brief survey of some of the work we’ve been deeply engaged in, here within the Earthdance organization, over the last several years, to create a more sustainable future for all of us:
Supporting Staff by implementing Staff Retreat days, Group Process(es) & Community nights, dialogues, clarified infrastructure (job descriptions, division of labor, time off policy, etc.), and other policies & protocols we're creating a more sustainable environment for staff work life (creating a higher staff retention level than ever before).  And by the way Earthdance is hiring.  
Maintaining and evolving our Cornerstone programming with our Seasonal and bi-weekly Contact Improvisation & Music Jams, extra support & initiatives through our C.I. Subcommittee, an expanded curation of of C.I. teachers, facilitators, and improvisational musicians from multiple communities (including Improvisational Cooking & Playback Theater this Fall among other improvisational forms).
Expanding into new artistic communities through interdisciplinary collaboration & artistic development with residencies like E|MERGE, and artist companies like our very own local, phenomenal dance-theater company Zany Angels, and the locally & nationally renowned Donna Mejia. All of these efforts dramatically increase the artistic communities now invested in & partnering with Earthdance; Earthdance is ON THE MAP in all of the incredible, (national & international) C.I. Communities who have known and loved us for years and now among theater, music, ethnic and interdisciplinary artist communities who never knew about us before!
We're committing to Sustainability focused programming (which will support and sustain our land and buildings). Read more about our Sustainability Sundays series, along with all of the ways that we are working to integrate the lineage & history of Earthdance, within our forward movement & evolution.
Building Community, through our Sustainability Sundays (focusing on local communities) and other initiatives, including our budding relationships with the West Cummington Church and community, thanks to a recent community focused project facilitated by Earthdance staff and E|MERGE Interdisciplinary artists.
Attending to the safety & well-being of our Buildings & Grounds: with a much concerted effort over the last 2 years, with our Systems Replacement plan, and long-term planning that integrates the immediate and future needs of our land & facilities. Please contribute to our Umbrella Fund!
There is so much more to say, but first, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!
where we’ll be asking YOU, the community, to let us know what you think about the
current direction of Earthdance, and our future!
In community,
Executive and Artistic Director