From the Director's Loft: Earthdance E|MERGES

Dancing throughout the spaces of Earthdance, from the Gratitude Lodge Kitchen counters & fridge top, to the pathways & cabins, through the studios, and into local community spaces like the West Cummington Parrish house, E|MERGE wove together a myriad of local, national & international artists, soundscapes, landscapes and dancescapes.

We wrote, talked, danced, devised performance, collaborated and embodied the issues of:  family, inter-racial relationship, human relationship to land & our environment, natural disaster, magic, community, barter systems & networks, the Occupy Movement, life, death and so much more.

Once again, the artists who delved into these processes, dialogues, and work were deeply moved by their experience of being in community, within the Earthdance context & container.  Some of the in coming comments from this year's E|MERGE artists:

Thank you fellow E/MERGER'S for reminding me what it means to create from a place of joy and laughter rather than stress and frustration.- Gillian Chadsey, New York City

The two weeks were very inspiring. Fascinating encounters happened within the projects and workshops, but also around them in various informal exchanges - and I do not mean only with each individual, but also in relation to the kind of collective that arised from our gathering at earthdance. - Akseli Aittomaki, Helsinki, Finland

I received so much during my time with you all at E|MERGE - a fulfillment that I am only beginning to unpack and understand. Thank you for sharing yourselves, your work, your practices, so generously. These gifts are priceless!- Javiera Benavente, Northampton, Massacusetts

And from Penny Schultz, Earthdance co-founder & local community member, who partnered in, and was deeply moved by the Neighbors project in E|MERGE, and the panel discussion that also occurred that night:

The message from last night was one of potential, and possibilities. And not just limited to our two communities. In this regard we're no different than any two bodies marked by differences small and large, where distrust or discomfort finds a corner. How transformative to open the doors, let in the light, and feel the joy that comes with that openness-  the impediments melted away.

It's an honor and a privilege to be among such artists, among such community at Earthdance, on the land and in these hallowed studios.

In Community, 
Krista DeNio
Executive and Artistic Director

P.S. You can see more photos from E|MERGE on our facebook page.