Artist-in-Residence: Gabriel Forestieri

My time at Earthdance has come at a very special moment in my life. In which almost everything I was involved in transitioned. It left me with many questions, feelings of confusion, and healthy dose of fear. The space and time this residency has offered has allowed me to look deeply into my practice and my perspectives. Which has shown me many, many misperceptions, traps, and blocks (all of my construction). Although I am not sure how this translates into the hyper kinetic world of dance in NYC. I do know I have a reached a different kind of grounding, and a much truer sense of value and worth, beyond what any ranking or hierarchy can bestow. My work in the studio has revolved around a simple idea of looping, of loops, Which I realized quickly is everywhere, loops are everywhere in everything. The process has been about finding something true instead of only demanding amazing. Especially when you are the only one in the room, the judgement can be quite final. As I am at the beginning of whatever this work will become, I have a quite a lot of space around the form it will take. Which means the sharing of this work will be quite loose and I would love feedback in any form if you attend the showing. Mostly what I want to express is my gratefulness to the support structure that is Earthdance. I am so thankful that there is such a place as this and for all the wonderful experiences I have had here. So to the staff, the grounds, the community, the space, and the opportunity - Thank You

Gabriel was born in Louisiana raised in Detroit and transplanted from San Francisco to New York City in 2004. As the Choreographer/Director of projectLIMB he is intent on connecting communities with their landscape, resources, and each other.  He is facilitating the Spring Equinox CI Jam, March 22-25 at Earthdance along with Leah Nelson.  To learn more about the Jam and these fabulous facilitators visit our events page.