BIODANZA- the poetry of human encounter

by Michelle Dubreuil Macek, Director of the IBF School of Biodanza MD/DC opening Oct 2012

The beauty of the human spirit is revealed in its entirety when one practices the art of living life through the Biodanza movement system.  It never ceases to amaze me. I guess this is because Biodanza is more than just dance, more than just movement, conscious or unconscious, but a modality that unites community and binds people together in an authentic way.

Biodanza is called the “poetry of human encounter” precisely because we come together on the dance floor to honor self, the other and the universe in solo dances and those of human and nature connection.  We gaze into the eyes of humanity, hold hands with our brothers and sisters, embrace the beauty of the others on the dance floor in support of what is with no judgement given.

Biodanza stimulates personal transformation in a powerful way by providing a safe space and an enriched environment to experience one’s potentials within. Listen to what one lovely new participant in NYC had to say after a one day workshop:

“I had a completely amazing experience! I have been in a process of letting go and grieving some heartache and loss of a precious relationship, and I felt safe in that space to gradually let my heart begin to open up again. Michelle, you are a powerful and healing presence to be around, and it meant so much to me that you gave us your time and energy in that way. I also have had issues with dance and movement, as I usually feel I cannot follow choreography and become intensely frustrated at trying to learn steps, start feeling like an idiot and have to quit. This form of dance was perfect for me because it was only what I wanted it to be and I didn’t have to follow anyone else’s steps but just dance my own heart dance. I felt supremely alive, beautiful, brave and graceful.”

As a facilitator, it brings me great joy to open spaces for Biodanza in the lives of others.  The simple act of moving our beautiful bodies in authentic ways to the sublime music in the background has a profound effect on the mind, body & spirit. We are able to be truly present with ourselves, the space, and with the music for two hours of encounters.  Over time, these enriched Biodanza environments create positive shifts for participants much like the comments in the above feedback.  It’s a beautiful testament to the powerful nature of self and Biodanza.

I am thrilled to be coming to Earthdance to facilitate a weekend retreat on March 16th during which we will explore the male/female aspects in us all and play with the soft and powerful energies that we possess or need to possess more of!  I invite you to come dance with us and the embrace life!