February 2012 Director's Loft

Artists, Artists, Artists....coming out of our ears, eyes, heads, hands, studios, sauna, woods...

Ahhh Nancy Stark Smith January Intensive....how we love thee so.  The studios have been reverberating with the waves of contact, somatics, deep improvisational experimentations wrought here during the last month.  This was immediately followed by the Julius Ford/ Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Community here for our first planning retreat weekend ever!  Then and now the studios and house reverberate with the sounds of intergenerational, family, and real true deep social justice -creating the world we want to see!

And now, our (3) current Artists in Residence: our AIR program is BLOOMING (check out our new CLIP residency tracks) and soon to come E|MERGE, when 30+ artists will descend upon us, and the wind shall blow and the trees shall stir and ART shall be created...

Meanwhile, as the artists are working madly on their craft and communing in the studios and hallways in between, our Buildings and Grounds crew is making major headway on multiple projects. What are we working on? Well, you'll just have to come see for yourself!

That's right!  Check out our new website, register for one of our exciting 2012 programs, come stay with us and enjoy the improvements, and then go back to your community and tell all your closest friends about this amazing place that has been alive for 25 years (and counting) and why they (and you) are going to make a donation, during our 25th year to our Umbrella Fund, in order to keep these much needed improvements happening, so that EARTHDANCE can thrive for another 25 years to come, and continue to house these brilliant artists, humans, community makers, builders, improvisers and creative living beings!

In solidarity,
Krista DeNio
Executive and Artistic Director