January 2012 Director's Loft

Ahhhh.....S P A C E....breathe in the New Year, and prepare for SPACE:
internal space, external space, time & space to breathe.

2011 was such a full year for Earthdance, and we continue to celebrate our
25th year of RENEWAL In this transition time, we seek time, places, and spaces to simply be, to breathe, to integrate and to be grateful for what we have, do & get to share here on this beautiful land, in these beautiful SPACES.

We invite you, for this new & significant year -2012- to find the space, the ground, the internal wisdom & grace that will grant you the strength to bring your vision to true fruition.  We look forward to sharing in the visioning with you.

We also know that 2012 brings with it many challenges; that the planet and many people on it are suffering greatly, as I type.  While uprisings around the world bring about great hope for the freedom and change that many seek, many of those rising up are also being killed.  While there are many eco-warriors and brilliant scientists and folks studying and creating transformative, environmental practices, there are oil spills destroying our waters and lands, and many people suffering because of it.

Although there are many great minds and bodies developing peaceful practice & ways of being in the world; there are still many who believe that aggression must be the first response.  How can we each commit to living our values with more devotion & whole-heartedness?  Are we willing to step outside of our comfort zones, in order to be in the line of fire (and what does that mean)? 

How much are we truly willing to change, in order to see the true systemic changes that need to occur?

Peace & blessings to you.

In solidarity,
Krista DeNio
Executive and Artistic Director