Kate Blair

Kate Blair was born in Chicago, Illinois. She is inspired by her family and friends' music, arts, and gardening. She studied dance at St. Olaf College and at Luther College, where she was deeply inspired by Jane Hawley's Movement Fundamentals Curriculum, emphasizing Contact Improvisation as a foundational course in Luther's dance department. Since, she learned powerful lessons from a theater project with immigrants affected by the Postville Raid. She has also lived in Mexico City, where she shared dance, music, and theater experiences with women and children at Espacio Mujeres (Women's Space for a Dignified Life Free of Violence.) Later, she loved the sun and energy of Tucson, Arizona, where she danced in New ARTiculations dance theater and worked as an Americorps member at Borton Primary Magnet School, a school with focus on arts and outdoor learning for children. There, she also delved deeper into community life and the borderlands thru the Restoration Project at Casa Mariposa. 
She is curious about community building and 'welcoming the stranger.' She is grateful for having been welcomed into communities where she has been the stranger and hopes to give that same gift back. She has worked on organic farms, at greenhouses, and in gardens since her first job at Rock Springs Organic vegetable farm in Iowa at age 16. She gets her green thumb from her gardening grandmother and other similarly inclined friends and relatives! She is enjoying gardening and learning lots from people and permaculture while deepening love and study of dance at Earthdance! When she's not in the garden, you may find her swimming at Plainfield pond or in the many streams and waterways in the Northeast and beyond.