Earthdance Committees & Working Groups

Committees & Working Groups ~ the Labor of Love

Many hands make light work, and for Earthdance, Committees and Working Groups are some of the most important components to ensuring the organization's smooth and sustainable growth. We are constantly looking for new members to bring vibrant ideas and efforts to the task of making Earthdance healthy and happy. Join an Earthdance Committee and/or Working Group by contacting the Committee/Working Group point person today!

Lots of love from your current Board...

  1. Board Development Committee
    This Committee recruits and guides the application process for adding new board members. We currently have open seats on the board, so this committee is very active! This Committee also researches, offers and/or leads Board capacity development. Open to new members. (Point Person: Spirit Joseph)
  2. Buildings & Grounds Committee
    This Committee helps make important decisions regarding Earthdance's buildings, grounds, code compliance, and related expenses. If you have professional experience in contracting, architecture, grounds management, farming, forestry, or alternative energy systems, you are especially needed here. Regular meetings. Open to new members. (Point Person: Spirit Joseph)
  3. Finance Committee
    This Committee works with the Executive Director to plan for and review the Earthdance budget, short-term and long-range projections, etc. If you own your own business, or have professional experience in budget management, accounting or finance, you are especially needed here. You are also welcome if you are good with numbers and open to learning about non-profit budget management. Open to new members. (Point Person: Spirit Joseph)
  4. Fundraising Committee
    This Committee helps plan and implement ongoing development and fundraising efforts, in collaboration with the Executive Director and Development Manager. If you have professional experience in grantwriting or fundraising, or you are interested in learning about these areas, please plug in here. (Contact: Earthdance Development)
  5. Programming Advisory Committee 
    This Committee helps imagine and create programming at Earthdance, in collaboration with the Executive Director. If you are a working artist or have experience in arts program development and implementation, you may fit well here. 
    (Point Person: Programming Committee: Sarah Young)
  6. Contact Improvisation (CI) Committee
    The CI Committee is in charge of organizing all of Earthdance's CI-specific programming and curating the seasonal jams, in collaboration with the Executive Director and Programming Committee. CI Committee: Aaron Brandes (Brando))
  7. Safety & Respect Working Group
    This Working Group contributes to making Earthdance a safer place for everyone in their experience of dancing and being at Earthdance. (Point Person: Office Manager)
  8. Executive Board Committee
    This is a leadership Committee consisting of the Board President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Closed to new members.