Moving Arts Lab 2021: an online festival for interdisciplinary exploration

Facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

July 23, 2021 - 1:00pm to July 25, 2021 - 5:30pm

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For this year's version of the lab, we once again invite you to gather online to investigate and experience ways that movement, sound, image, and performance can inform human culture, while responding to the current moment. With multiple workshops each day, teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) create an embodied, if even virtual, dialogue at the intersection of modalities—movement, voice, indigenous practices, activism, working with environment / in nature, drawing, physical theater and more. Open to all levels and backgrounds.


2021 Teaching Artists*

Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Deirdre Amirault Morris; Abner Torres Delina Jr.; Debra Disbrow; Ursula Eagly, Takemi Kitamura and Petra van Noort; N. Eda Erçin; Conrado Falbo; Jack Gray; Federico Hewson and Ivana Ivković; Pauline Lampton; Martín Lanz Landázuri; Arely Landeros; Thea Little; Cosmin Manolescu; Odeya Nini; Terre Parker; Iskra Sukarova; Larissa Velez-Jackson; Lisa Wymore and Sheldon B. Smith


What is IIAC?
The International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) is a network of performing and creative artists, educators, and producers working across artistic disciplines and continental divides. The body and movement are central to the consortium’s practice, research, and dialogue. IIAC's primary aspirations are: 1) To engage in artists' residencies that offer opportunities for knowledge exchange which feed into larger social, cultural, and educational structures (i.e. workshops, festivals, and academia); 2) To identify and sustain methods for sharing resources and values; 3) To expand a network of partners. Established in 2012 by Brooklyn-based performer, creator, educator, and producer, Peter Sciscioli, IIAC has since grown to include over 60 artists living and/or working in such countries as Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curaçao, England, Finland, Guåhan, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Japan, North Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Uruguay, and from within the U.S. in states including California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Schedule (all times in EDT on Zoom):

  Friday, July 23 Saturday, July 24 Sunday July, 25
1pm-130pm Opening Circle (ALL)    

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Ursula, Takemi, Petra/ Federico, Ivana/ Cosmin 

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Eda/ Martin/ Terre   

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Abner/ Thea/ Iskra 

3pm-330pm Break/Open Chat (ALL) Break/Open Chat (ALL) Break/Open Chat (ALL)

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Conrado/ Jack/ Larissa

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Debra/ Pauline/Arely                    

Choose from 3 Workshops 

Esther, Deirdre/ Odeya/ Lisa, Sheldon 

5pm-530pm     Closing Circle (ALL)

*Schedule may be subject to change
Class descriptions and bios below

Time range in other time zones:

PCT (West Coast U.S.) / ET (New York time) / CET (Central Europe)
+1 day ahead: Philippines / Australia / Aotearoa - New Zealand  

Session 1

10:30am-12pm / 1:30pm-3pm / 7:30pm-9pm
+1 day ahead: 1:30am-3am / 3:30am-5am / 5:30am-7am

Session 2

12:30pm-2pm / 3:30pm-5pm / 9:30pm-11pm
+1 day ahead: 3:30am-5am / 5:30am-7am / 7:30am-9am

All Workshops will be conducted in English, though individual instructors may offer some translations.


Fees and Registration:

In recognition of the diversity of economies of participants from all around the world, we do not have a single fee structure for participating in this event. We understand this is not the typical approach and that it not only relies on the honor system but it asks you to particpate in your consideration of payment exchange.

Our suggested fee is what you would pay for three days of workshops in your home country or area.

For example, for those coming from the U.S. (or a similar economy) we suggest the following fees:

  • $75-$100 (those with lower incomes)
  • $120-$150 (those with a medium income) 
  • $175-$250 (those with higher incomes) 

If the suggested fee structure is not accessible to you right now, we invite you to pay what you can  with a suggested minimum fee of $10.00. Please contact us with questions. On the other side, for those that have the ability, we welcome generous donations to subsidize other attendees, or to support Earthdance.

If you would like to attend for a single day, we suggest that you register and adjust your payment accordingly. 




2021 Teachers and Workshop Descriptions


--------------- Friday 1:30pm - 3:00pm (Choose one) ---------------


Hypnogogia with Ursula Eagly, Takemi Kitamura and Petra van Noort 

An experiential journey that leads participants into the hypnagogic state just prior to sleep. Brain waves elongate into a theta state between wakefulness and dreaming. Possibilities and imagination open, and we invite the subconscious to be part of the conscious. We create a full sensory aliveness that leads into deeper connection with, allowing of, and knowing of ourselves. 'Hypnagogia' is a whole-making and re-membering experience led by three/four IIAC members who have spent the last year sharing parallel investigations into dreams, energy healing modalities, and consciousness.

Ursula Eagly is a dance artist. Her works are characterized by a “rabbit-hole logic” (New York Times), and her research considers the audience's somatic experience and the potential of porosity. Ursula's works have been commissioned throughout New York City and presented internationally. She is currently creating a new piece titled "The Nature of Physical Reality," together with collaborators Madeline Best and Takemi Kitamura.




Takemi Kitamura is a native of Osaka, Japan and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Dance-Education from Hunter College where she received the Choreographic Award from the Dance Program. Her performances credits include Blood Moon by Beth Morrison Projects at Prototype Festival 2020 (choreographer/dancer/puppeteer), The Oldest Boy (puppeteer/dancer) at Lincoln Center Theater, The Indian Queen (dancer), an opera directed by Peter Sellars, Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed (puppeteer) by Dan Hurling, Shank's Mare (puppeteer) by Tom Lee and Koryu Nishikawa V,  Falling Out (puppeteer/dancer) by Phantom Limbs Company, and SLEEP (dancer/ensemble) by Ripe Time. She is also an energy healing practitioner, and currently certified as Dream Teacher Level 1 by Robert Moss.,


Petra van Noort is a performer and choreographer, originally from The Netherlands. In New York for over two decades, she has had the privilege of performing in the dance theater companies of several inspiring front women, first with Jennifer Muller, then working long-term, co-creatively with Susan Marshall, Tiffany Mills and Jane Comfort & Company Simultaneously she has been in private practice as a reflexologist, chakra yoga and flower essences practitioner in her Upper Westside-based wellness practice. After an audition Petra was invited to stay connected with Tanztheater Wuppertal, seeing rehearsals and performances of and taking classes with the company in 5 different countries for the last decade of Pina Bausch’s life. This experience greatly influences her work. Petra has set choreography and taught dance masterclasses at various colleges throughout the U.S. and offered chakra yoga and reflexology workshops internationally. For more info on Petra and her latest full-length choreography on Vanishing Twin Syndrome, see:



Art, Activism and Social Movements with Federico Hewson and Ivana Ivković

In this dialogue, Federico and Ivana will talk about their individual experiences in creating and participating in activist art, from their perspectives of having lived and worked in Croatia, the U.S., England and Germany, respectively. Sharing examples of artists’ work from anywhere and everywhere that they have also been inspired by, they will discuss some examples, then open the dialogue to all participating. All political issues are welcome. The intention will be to collectively contribute to an ongoing archive / library of artistic practices centered around art activism and social movements. No previous experience in either is necessary.

Federico Hewson is a writer, artist, producer and performer. He was a performance artist for many years in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. He produced, together with New York Dance Films, the Imagine festival for Earthdance featuring dance film and virtual reality installations. As an art activist he launched the Valentine Peace Project - an international alternative expression of Valentine's day working with schools, poets and the Fairtrade floral industry. He is currently designing a book on flowers as symbols in activism and planning performances in Berlin where he lives.

Ivana Ivković is a dramaturg whose interests lay on the intersections of theater, contemporary dance, new media technologies, sound art, and radiophony. In collaboration with other artists and as a member of Zagreb-based performance collective BADco. She has co-authored a series of artistic projects for the stage, gallery, screen, radio waves and page since 2004 that have been presented internationally, including at the Steirischer Herbst Festival, Berlin’s Volksbühne and the Venice Biennale. A former editor-in-chief of Frakcija Journal for Performing Arts (2008-2012), she has also published in other publications (Maska, The Drama Review, TkH, Jungle Juice Magazine…). She is a recipient of several fellowships (Akademie Schloss Solitude, CEC ArtsLink), teaches at the Alma Mater Europaea Dance Academy MA program, regularly holds workshops and presents at international festivals, symposia and conferences.



Emotional Wandering with Cosmin Manolescu

Emotional Body is a dance experience aiming to connect the body to nature through movement exploration, sounds and emotions. Participants are invited to (re)discover their body through a series of exercises and working sessions with closed eyes, imagination and improvisation. Touch, exploration and wandering sessions in nature are key elements of this workshop. The event will start with a short introduction and a guided meditation to place, and connect the body to the natural landscape. Following the introduction, the participants will start to warm up and move the body, explore their emotions and dance in connection with nature. The workshop will finish with a small free dance improvisation and a talk/feedback session.

Cosmin Manolescu is a dance maker, community builder and curator, independent cultural expert and artistic director of Serial Paradise Company/Gabriela Tudor Foundation based in Bucharest (Romania). He is currently interested in cross-border cultural exchange, experiments and artistic innovation, leading a series of international projects taking place across world, teaching and coaching young people and artists across borders and creating projects that challenge the audience in Romania and beyond. His works and projects have successfully been presented in important festivals and venues in Europe, USA and Asia. His recent artistic projects include "Dance-Wanderer", a tree-artistic project for urban and natural landscapes.  Currently, Cosmin is the co-founder of the AREAL collective and administrator of AREAL, a new space for choreographic development in Bucharest, and organiser of the annual Gabriela Tudor residency program in Portugal and Bucharest. Cosmin's participation in the Moving Arts Lab is co-funded by The Administration of National Cultural Fund.


--------------- Friday 3:30pm - 5:00pm (Choose one) ---------------


Doodling as meditation, investigation and expression with Conrado Falbo

This workshop is an invitation to subvert the idea of doodling as “an idle, aimless or foolish activity” and approach it as a way of cultivating both meditative states of presence and an effective channel for creative investigation/expression. The main idea is to improvise with doodling through a series of very simple propositions that can be applied/adapted to a wide variety of contexts and needs. The work combines doodling, movement and voice practices. No previous experience is required. All are welcome!

Conrado Falbo is an interdisciplinary artist working with movement, sound and drawing through the perspective of improvisation both as a creative and interactive approach to performance, teaching/researching and healing. Since 2011, as a member of Coletivo Lugar Comum (independent artist collective based in Recife, Brazil), he's been experimenting with interdisciplinary performance in public spaces and collaborative creative practices. For the past eight years he´s also been intensely committed to the discipline of Authentic Movement (under the supervision of Soraya Jorge, who introduced the discipline in Brazil) and Contact Improvisation (having studied with teachers from various nationalities/backgrounds and organized workshops and festivals throughout Brazil).



Tikanga (Protocol) with Jack Gray

Indigenous practices are time honoured traditions which bring about sacred notions of our greater relationships - with our immediate presence - and acknowledge our known past and intentioned futures. Facilitator Jack Gray has explored the contexts of their tribal roots in Māori culture both as a descendent of these songs, dances and philosophies but also as a contemporary dance and performance maker and director. This workshop centres on the individual response to ways of making space sacred, through unveiling the ways in which connections can be made, and identifying the ways in which obstructions (political baggage) can be identified to enable a different point of view. Participants will be asked to assemble materials that bring a sense of attunement - natural objects found or gifted, sentimental or ancestral belongings, the names and places of our origins. 

Jack Gray (Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa) Born in Auckland, Aotearoa, Jack Gray is a world class recognised Māori contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher, facilitator and writer. He is a founding member and became Artistic Director of Atamira Dance Company in 2018. His independent arts practice spans two decades and has taken him all over the world where he engages with diverse audiences in community-centred spaces of Indigenous knowledge exchange, such as Cultural Informance Lab (California), Transformance Lab (New York), I Moving Lab (USA, Australia, NZ), Indigenous Dance Forum (New York), I LAND (Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York), Intentional Indigenous Artform Exchange (New York) and more. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California Riverside, Artist in Residence at New York University’s Asian/Pacific/American Institute, and Regent’s Scholar at UCLA/World Arts and Cultures. Jack has published writings in Dance Europe Magazine, Danz magazine, Theatreview, Te Kaharoa and Biography. Jack has produced interdisciplinary works for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (Hawaii), Berkeley Dance Project (UC Berkeley), FestPAC (Guåhan/Guam), Yirramboi Festival (Narrm/ Melbourne), Festival 2018 (Gold Coast), Te Whainga (Auckland Museum/Smithsonian Museum) and more.



All things in relation ~ Star Pû Method with Larissa Velez-Jackson

A somatic movement, sounding, and speaking practice for dancers and other humans researched and formulated in the choreographic work of Larissa Velez-Jackson. Participants will exercise their creative and healing personal power through self-awareness, sound, meaning-making, joy, and non-neutral states (like the performance state). Emotion and humor are explored via the vulnerability of out-loud human experience; thus, making the internal landscape external. Commune with pen and paper, surfaces (outdoors or indoors), and energy centers of the body toward a solo experience that connects participants with the vast field from which all of us are ultimately always connected. 

Larissa Velez-Jackson (LVJ) is a NYC-based choreographer, movement educator and multi-platform artist who uses improvisation as a tool for research and creation; blending dance, healing modalities, sound, video art, humor and strategies of self-compassion in her original performance practice called, Star Pû Method (f.k.a. Star Crap Method). She is a 2021-22 Caroline Hearst choreographic resident at Princeton University and a visiting artist at Sam Houston State University’s Texas Improv Dance Festival (TIDF), 2021. More information at


--------------- Saturday 1:30pm - 3:00pm (Choose one) ---------------



Human Voice as Sound with N. Eda Erçin

In this workshop, we will explore our voice and vocal expressivity outside the realm of verbal language. Based on my ongoing research and practice in performing sound and voice, I am interested in the perception, meaning and communicative potential of the sonic qualities of the human voice. By using methods of 1) articulation and 2) distortion, we will engage with a series of exercises informed and inspired by extended vocal techniques, forms of singing and personal vocal history. Prior experience in vocal arts or singing is not a requirement. 

N. Eda Erçin
is an intercultural maker and researcher of contemporary performance practices. The central focus of her work is at the intersection of human and non-human bodies, memory, gender, ethnicity, physical devised performance, language, movement, sound and voice. She studied, trained, and made performances across Turkey, United States, and England. Holding a PhD degree in Performance Practice from University of Exeter (UK), she has been teaching performance studies courses and coordinating the Hopkins Black Box theatre at Louisiana State University.



Objects around: rearrangement with Martín Lanz Landázuri

A shift of an approach to objects and landscaping whom we have been cohabitating with these past months. Collection, distribution, composing, and landscaping. We will try to achieve a place where the body meets objects in materiality, and mold to each other to create new landscapes.

Martín Lanz Landázuri is an interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. Usually creates work for specific sites, bringing together ensembles of interdisciplinary artists, with the goal to integrate sound, movement, architecture, science and audience experience. Also collaborates generating international exchange projects with different collectives, projects or organizations, focusing on mobility, geopolitics and creative process. Co-Producer of Laboratorio: Condensación, an encounter designed for artistic interdisciplinary experimentation and its relational context. His work has been presented in several places, usually as a result of a collaborative process and exchange projects. Residencies: Artist in residence of Movement Research, Choreographers Venture at Impulstanz, Seoul Dance Center, Villa Waldberta (Feldafing, Germany), Movimiento Sur (Chile), Plus Brasil (Sao Paulo, Brasil), Tokeiji Temple (Kamakura, Japan). Arhaus (MRX-Denmark).



Let Your Mother Touch You with Terre Parker

Reconnect with nature through your body. In this self-nurturing practice we connect with earth elements through sight, touch, and imagery even while indoors. By experiencing the landscape outside our windows and the landscape of our bodies, we invite earth’s agency to enter us without striving on our part. We experiment with getting out of the way and welcome self-touch that may be guided by earth. This workshop is rooted in extensive practice of environmental (site-specific) dance, sensory awareness, and somatic practice and evolves from the physical isolation of the pandemic.

Dance artist Terre Parker creates environmental performance and participatory experiences to rekindle a felt connection with earth. She directs the intergenerational, place-based Mae/Movement Arts Ensemble. In Anna Halprin’s Dance Company, Terre performed the seminal Paper Dance and originated roles in Awaken. Terre’s work has been presented in Bulgaria, Bali, Montréal, and on both U.S. coasts. An experienced arts integration teaching artist, Terre holds certification in Anna Halprin’s Movement Ritual, a BA from Mount Holyoke College, and MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. She teaches dance through Studio Firenze (MA) and community-engaged arts management for the UMass Arts Extension Service.


--------------- Saturday 3:30pm - 5:00pm (Choose one) ---------------



Compositions in Character with Debra Disbrow

Inspired by Roy Hart extended voice, physical theater, self-scripting and improvisational scores, we will activate our voices and image/emotion life and experiment with creating short musical compositions through character, rhythm, movement and story.

Debra Disbrow (she/her) is an interdisciplinary performer, director, and educator who creates ensemble and solo works that cross disciplines of music, dance, and theater. She sings on various recordings and records/performs her own music along with her band Swaaah. She teaches the singing voice, physical theater/devised theater, movement improvisation and professional development to educators in New York, Philadelphia and across the country. Debra is also a member of Convergences Theater Collective and holds an MFA in Theater- Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.



Culture: It’s not art, it’s our lifestyle with Pauline Lampton

Our youth experience the effects of intergenerational trauma without even understanding the shadows of grief we carry from the past and the impacts they cause in our lives. Through my work I bring together Indigenous youth to celebrate their cultural journey, to connect them with Elders and each other and empower them to lead their schools and communities. My practice is a resilience based, trauma informed practice which is based on the strengths of Aboriginal culture, helping us to understand the impacts of our past shared history to allow ‘truth telling’ in a transformational way to help heal our communities.

This workshop will show the following three step process:
1. Elders share their lived experiences of past policies
2. The transference of those lived experiences to the youth and their creative process
3. The performative response to audiences

Pauline Lampton is an Australian First Nations descendant of both the Bundjalung tribe and of the Wiangumban tribe of North Tanna Island, Vanuatu. She is an alumna of NAISDA and has since worked with many Indigenous and non-Indigenous choreographers and independent artists within Australia for more than 25 years. Pauline has been a trainer and facilitator of the Indigenous Sports and Recreations Programs, working with many Indigenous communities across the region to deliver carnivals, healthy active weekly programs and cultural awareness training packages. Through her work, Pauline has developed a methodology, process and approach that is both culturally safe and engages the performing arts as a powerful platform which can bring healing to the voiceless and can both inform and be used as an action toward reconciliation. Her arts practice is driven by both past and current First Nations affairs.


MICROPOLIS: a choreographic fanzine with Arely Landeros

Let's take a walk and design a fanzine with the material we collect from the spaces we pass through. Connect and share with people from another land. Be part of MICROPOLIS, a sensorial community based on the exchange of dwelling experiences of the territory.

Arely Landeros: Interdisciplinary Artist and Cultural Promoter. Her work explores the sway between the inner experience of the body and its  performative presence in the world. Her research focuses on collaborative processes in the performing arts and the experience of communality through participative art. She has studies in Psychology and experience in social research and community intervention. Director and Producer of Espontánea!, multidisciplinary creative residency for emerging professional women.  Curator and Co-Producer of Laboratorio: Condensación, encounter for artistic interdisciplinary experimentation and its relational context. She is currently working on Micrópolis, a nomadic laboratory that explores movement and space through the practice of walking. A project supported by FONCA, from the Secretaryship for Cultural Affairs of México. Her work has been shown in México, United States and Europe.




--------------- Sunday 1:30pm - 3:00pm (Choose one) ---------------



KA-MA-LAYA-AN: An eco-embodiment practice with Abner Torres Delina Jr.

How can our bodies reclaim our social, ecological and cosmic consciousness in times of crises? KA-MA-LAYA-AN (a devised term from a Filipino word ''Kamalayan" (root word: malay, meaning consciousness) is an eco-embodiment practice that reactivates points/portals, explores intersections and nurtures interconnections of relationships (KA), mothering (MA), liberation (KALAYAAN) and power (KAPANGYARIHAN). Through decentering and allowing our bodies to lead, we hope to commune again with the ecologies of our consciousness. We may begin with intentions, somatic practice, following a guided physical rewilding, intentional pleasure and rest, virtual movement interactions and ending with a collective sharing, ritual and conversation, if time allows. KA-MA-LAYA-AN is a developing practice restoring our self/collective existence and bridging gaps between the body, the world and the cosmos.

Abner Torres Delina Jr. is a Filipino artist-cultural weaver, arts educator and founder-leader of BLACK CANVAS, a post-disciplinary collective nurturing care culture, ecological healing and global justice through creative collaborations, embodiment practices, community engagements and intercultural work empowering women, queers, children and marginalized communities. A Theater Arts academic & artistic excellence awardee of the Philippine High School for the Arts, Abner finished Arts Management at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde under School of Design and Arts Grant. He is a speaker-facilitator for Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Department of Education’s arts therapy, arts education and climate action programs. His arts and life practices are inspired thru trainings with Stella Adler Studio, Earthdance, SITI’s Suzuki and Viewpoints, LEIMAY, Jesca Prudencio, Orizah Hirata, Yustiansyah Lesmana, Leandro Kees, Deborah Black and Double Edge Theatre. Abner has performed at Kuandu Arts Fest (Taiwan), collaborated at Asian Performing Arts Forum (Japan) and recently finished his Asian Cultural Council Grant (USA) focusing on post-dramatic, posthuman, intercultural, ecological and regenerative practices through performance research, training and network during the pandemic. As a multi-perspectival artivist-theatre maker, Abner explores the intersections of values, interconnectedness, rights, power, liberation, eco-justice and cosmic consciousness.


Movement and Vocals: Fun-Sway-Feng-Shui with Thea Little

Let’s get a visceral sense of the 5 Elements in the Feng Shui theory, do movement/vocal explorations together while imagining the Woods and the Waters, share and play with meaningful objects already in our home and create multi-disciplinary freestyle compositions to perform for each other all while focusing and manifesting our wishes for the future.

Thea Little grew up in NYC dancing with NYCB and studying Classical piano and she holds MFA and BA degrees in Dance from Hollins and Columbia Universities. Her work is influenced by performance art and experimental opera. She is a self-taught composer and has composed for LEIMAY and was Music Director for Shen Wei Dance Arts. Thea has composed more than 50 sound scores and she often composes vocal music for her dancers. She has been presented at venues such as WUK in Vienna, The Traveling Trolley in Kingston, NYU, Asia Society, CPR, National Sawdust and The Hudson Eye. Thea has been passionate about feng shui the past five years and is taking courses with Rodika Tchi.



Subsystems with Iskra Sukarova

The seven elements of the human communication subsystem (hand movements, posture, body rhythms, speech, eye contact, proxemics and facial expression) as developed by A. Milton Jenkins and Randall D. Johnson, are identified as parts of our ability to communicate “non-verbally”. In this workshop, I will share more about this system which inspired part of my PhD work, and invite participants to improvise, exploring for ourselves how we might embody each of these component parts before improvising collectively with them. For the second part of the workshop, we will work with animal imagery and metaphors, then explore any possible links between the two parts as a continuation of our structured improvisation. We will then share reflection through feedback and a talk, seeking ways to illuminate our connections to our own “subsystems,” ultimately as animals in natures both real and imaginary.

Iskra Sukarova accomplished her contemporary dance studies at the National Conservatorium Superior in Lyon. In 2002 she obtained her Masters Degree at the Laban Center - London. She has completed numerous dance trainings with established artists, and her pieces have toured regionally and internationally. Iskra has been honored with fellowships from CEC Arts Link and Dance Web. She was a principal soloist in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet since 1991, and one of the founders of Lokomotiva- Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture. She is also the co-founder and co-programmer of the contemporary dance festival Locomotion in Skopje and one of the founders of the Balkan Dance Network and the NOMAD Dance Academy project. Since 2010 Iskra has been a professor at the University St. Cyril and Methodius- Music Faculty - Department of Dance pedagogy in Skopje. In February 2014 she obtained her PhD at the state faculty of Theatre Arts in Skopje.




--------------- Sunday 3:30pm - 5:00pm (Choose one) ---------------



Tree Land Sky: site-responsive listening & practice
with Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Deirdre Amirault Morris

Site-responsive research helps us develop a language of understanding….of land, trees, skies, walls, and windows…and gives us tools for being in relationship with the ecologies of our surroundings. Site-responsive movement invokes the history, architecture, and possibilities inherent within a place. It describes how experience shifts depending on the spaces bodies encounter. It is an allowing of space to reflect what story it wants to tell, and have movement follow…to create resonance, dissonance, and movement between body, place, and memory. During this online workshop we will tap into all of our senses, and actively listen to and explore our environments. We will use movement exercises to regulate our nervous systems, build community through collaboration, and create resilient practices. We will begin with an acknowledgement of gratitude, a guided sitting or moving meditation, and a rhythmic warm-up. We will dance inside and outside, we will dance our ecologies and each other. Participants will be asked to go outside or connect with nature, and if they do not have access to outside space, they can be inside.

Esther Baker-Tarpaga is a choreographer and interdisciplinary artist. She is co-founder of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project and co-founder of Propelled Animals, an interdisciplinary arts and social justice collective and recipients of a MAP Grant. She recently performed at ArtYard New Jersey, No New Idols Festival in Riga, Latvia, The Englert Theatre Iowa City, InsideOut Festival, Burkina Faso, and Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, Pittsburgh. She currently teaches at Temple University and has an M.F.A. in Dance from UCLA and B.A. from Bowdoin College.She grew up in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado and lives in Philadelphia with her family.
Propelled Animals:

Deirdre Amirault Morris is a working member of Dancing Earth Indigenous Creations. She is also the founder/director of The Forgotten Body Remembers (, a site for research and implementation of somatic practices, social justice ecologies, and community development through the arts. Her work has been most recently received at SITE Sweden, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, NM, Impulstanz/IDOCDE, & Artpolis/FemArt Festival (Pristina, Kosovo). Deirdre presented and published her research, Somatic Generosity: Cultivating Empathy in the Classroom and Beyond, at the Latin American Social Innovation Network, Panama City, Panama in September 2017. She earned her MFA in Interdisciplinary Dramatic Arts and Performance Studies from UC Davis in 2014.



Free the Voice with Odeya Nini

The Voice is an instrument that radiates from the soul, resonates in the body, and is pure energy and touch. Harnessing the energy of the Voice is a strength that is felt deep within ourselves and heard loudly outside of ourselves. This workshop is dedicated to Vocal Expression, sensing the voice, feeling and understanding the physicality of sound, freeing our minds of preconceived ideas of song, and realizing the transformational healing effects we have on ourselves and others when we use our voice with intention and love. Both through introspective work and outward playfulness, we will explore the voice as an instrument that radiates from the imagination, body and movement, not limited to conventions of language, but rather able to convey myriad forms of communication.

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary vocalist, composer, embodied voice teacher and yoga instructor. Her artistic work ranges from orchestral music to sound installations and healing Voice Baths. She leads workshops and retreats dedicated to the integration of mindfulness, communication, energy and play in releasing the resonant voice. As a solo performer her voice has been heard from Los Angeles to Australia, Madagascar, Mongolia and Vietnam.



Two-faced: the paradox of dancing with the digital with Lisa Wymore and Sheldon B. Smith

In this workshop we will explore using a program called Isadora to assist with the blending of live streaming images from various locations in the world. Through this online shared space, we will explore the concept of the virtual meeting place (two or more video images blended together to create a sense of togetherness). We will also explore different improvisational prompts that either distance or make more intimate the online experience of dancing together. The main theme of the workshop is to explore how media and technology used across time and space split our attention between where we are and where we feel we are. Time will be given to discuss not only the technical aspects of the digitally enabled performance platform, but also what this technology does to us as human beings.  

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts (SWDA) is a dance/theater company led by Lisa Wymore and Sheldon Smith. SWDA’s performances are often as funny as they are physically provocative, intellectually stimulating, and deeply, beautifully human. SWDA works collaboratively with other dancers, actors, filmmakers, composers, technologists, designers, and media artists to develop uncompromisingly original work. Finished pieces always include a range of artistic modes as well as text and technological interventions. SWDA’s performance style draws from the postmodern tradition of dance making that calls for a new paradigm on the stage -- an aesthetic of everyday movement that draws on a full array of movement, gesture, form, and experimentation within a rigorous practice. Originally a Chicago-based company, SWDA moved to the Bay Area in 2004, and has been presenting work locally and nationally ever since.







Peter Sciscioli (facilitator) is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary performer, creator, educator, and producer whose work encompasses dance, music, theater, and film. Since 1997 he has been creating performance works through a choreographic lens with a wide variety of collaborators for concert, site-specific, and theater venues around the world. In 2008, he created Peter Sciscioli Performance Projects, and in 2012 founded the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium, a network of artists and producers working across disciplines and cultures. As a performer, he has worked extensively with Meredith Monk, Jane Comfort, and Daria Faïn, and appeared in work by Jonathan Bepler/Matthew Barney, Ping Chong, DD Dorvillier, Susan Marshall, and Philip Glass/Mary Zimmerman, among others. He has taught his approach to Voice as Movement in countries from Mexico to North Macedonia, co-initiated The Sounding Body workshop series at Movement Research (MR) in New York, and offers private lessons and coachings. Peter has been honored to receive support from MR’s Global Practice Sharing (GPS)  program to attend meetings with partners in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses, and to help bring several artists from the region to the U.S. to participate in IIAC and Moving Arts Lab at Earthdance.


This project is supported by the GPS/Global Practice Sharing program of Movement Research with funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.