December Morning Movement Practice Series

Join us for our December classes 
Connect into our Fundraising Season

December 3, 2020 - 8:00am to December 17, 2020 - 9:15am

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This 75 minute online series on Thursday mornings is part of our Fundraising festivities. 
WAKE your cells, FEEL into your tissues and CATCH a groove with us!

Schedule and Teachers:

December 3rd: Moti Zemelman
December 10th: Paul Singh
December 17th: Taja Will

* All classes are online only

Fees and Registration Full Series: Slding Scale $45-$85

This series is part of our Fund Raising Series and therefore we ask you sign up as part of the whole series and take as many of the classes as you can. You can also give your spot in a class to someone else if you cannot attend on a particular date. And while we are asking for support to keep Earthdance alive, we also believe this work should also be accessible to all and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us at to speak to us about this. Thank you!



Teacher and class descriptions:



Come let dance support us to release, regulate, stay healthy and experience joy together! In this time of radical changes happening on a global level we can either go into fear, panic and isolation or we can choose this as an opportunity to double down on love, resilience, kindness, gratitude and connection! Let’s choose the latter! Since many people will be tuning in by themselves we will focus on skills for dancing with the floor, furniture and virtual dancers as your partners. Intimacy and connection is palpable through screens! Using "Pinning" techniques, Breakout rooms, pillows, household utensils and more we'll explore connections that are virtually real!

Moti Zemelman: I bring 32 years of CI experience to share. Based in Western MA I've taught and performed across USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Europe and Israel. Over the last 10 years in my desire to integrate communication and intimacy skills in teaching I've studied Non-violent communication, Tantra, Butoh, Byron Katie's "Work" and most recently Betty Martin's "Wheel-of-Consent". I've been both a teacher and board member at Earthdance where I currently co-organize the Touch&Play Festival ( I'm also a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis' documentary film "An Intimate Dance" and design/moderate the international Contact Improv website


Paul’s Session: This will be a guided movement session that is made for a body that is transitioning from dream rest unconsciousness to physical take-on-day coherence. I'll be using my voice combined with your invention to honor a body that is just waking up into a new day's skeleton, needing to pass from softening to warming, and remembering the larger scope of the challenging world we're living in. I'll be happy to share these 3 or 4 easy exercises/prompts with you as we create a little morning movement ritual together. 

Paul Singh has been dancing for a long time. He has a degree from a university in dance. He has danced professionally on concert stages for many choreographers in many venues in many countries. He also believes in contact improvisation deeply and so has sought out skill and connection until becoming a good teacher, a better advocate, and a great student again. He invests in the simultaneity of his desire to know and unknow so that he can empathize with every given moment. It’s not easy, but it’s where he wants to be.  


Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) is a participatory movement and meditation practice that explores embodied awareness.  Created in the 1970’s by Barbara Dilley (Grand Union, Naropa Univer- sity), Contemplative Dance Practice is now practiced internationally.   This simple three-part form creates the perfect environment for us to be with what is present in our bodies and in the space, and to express ourselves through movement on a ground of safety. CDP is 20 minutes sitting meditation, 20 minutes personal warm up, 20 minutes open score. 

Taja Will (pronouns Taja/they) is a queer, disabled, Latinx artist homebased on the stolen and occupied land of the Dakota, Wahpekute and Anishinabewaki territories. Taja is a long time practitioner of improvisation, contact improvisation and somatic movement modalities. They value the work of improvisational practice as a tool for nervous system awareness, personal resilience, and community care. 



photo: Anna Maynard