ContactQuarterly (CQ): Past-Present-Future & Influence of Our Practices

January 15, 2021 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

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Lisa Nelson talks about the past, present, and future of Contact Quarterly, international journal of dance, improvisation, performance, and contemporary movement arts, which Nancy Stark Smith and Lisa co-edited for 45 years: What were we practicing? How did it inform the creation and development of this amazing project? What is continuing?

A portion of the proceeds support CQ’s transition to a CQ Resource-Archive Site.  


This event is also part of the larger Centers of Practice event for which you can alternatively register. 


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Lisa Nelson, player of Tuning Scores, explorer of the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement, considers movement ideas that are often left out of the picture. She is intrigued by dance behavior, systems of transmission and translation, patterns of surviving culture, and the sense of imagination. Improvisational dance, with inherent values of collaboration, dialogue, and flexible survival strategies has been at the core of her artistic research. Editing in many mediums has been a life practice, including Contact Quarterly dance journal since 1976.  Her writings are accessible on Critical Correspondance, She lives in Vermont.