Artistic Residential Retreats (ARR)

One month or 2 week residential retreat with a small group of artists to inspire and nurture your creativity and focus.
January (4 Week Retreat): January 15th - February 12th
February (2 Week Retreat): February 15th - March 1st

March (4 Week Retreat) March 3rd - March 31st
*Dates subject to change based on Covid

IMMERSE YOURSELF in your creative process at Earthdance! The Artistic Residential Retreat (ARR) is an incredible opportunity to  dive into your creative research. This extended artistic retreat program offers the beauty and solace of Western Massachusetts and the facilities of Earthdance with focused time and space for your personal creative process.


This is a unique and exciting opportunity to soak in the energy, nature and history of Earthdance as it continues to be an ideal setting to cultivate and focus on who you are as an artist and build your practice/creation/work. Whether you are a mover, writer, composer, videographer/filmmaker or more, ARR is an opportunity and space to nurture your creative self while living on site with a small group of other retreatants practicing clear Covid safe protocol together. In these unique times, this residency offers a unique chance to soak in nature, spark imagination and creation, and be nourished by a contained focused environment. 


The Logistics

We are accepting only 8 applicants for each extended retreat period. All applicants will be asked to follow Covid safe protocol* before arrival and during their stay.

All artistic residents will be free to create in their own personal rhythm while knowing they will have studio access at scheduled times. Your time here will not be curated and there is no structure for collaboration with others. Individual artists can choose for themselves if and when they might collaborate with other artistic residents. 

  • Enjoy solo creative time while not feeling isolated
  • Potential for collaboration with other creatives 
  • Stretch deep into your time with self and nature
  • Potentially Invite other colleagues to apply and join you during this journey

ARR residents share the facility with a few members of our staff. While at Earthdance, you will cook for yourself in a shared kitchen with mostly organic/local food provided.You will be expected to do light cleaning once a week during your stay. Each resident will have their own room with shared bathrooms. Stable internet is available if you need to do online work or study while at Earthdance. This time at Earthdance will be a closed container during your retreat.


Rates for Artistic Residential Retreats  

January (4 Week Retreat): January 15th - February 12th sliding scale $1,200 - $1,800 with some scholarship availability for applications received before December 8.
February (2 Week Retreat): February 15th - March 1st: sliding scale $700 - $1,300 with some scholarship availability for applications received before December 8. 

March (4 Week Retreat): March 3rd - March 31st sliding scale $1,200 - $1,800 with some scholarship availability.

Facilities at a Glance:

  • Two large, sunny studios with wood-sprung maple floors & radiant heating
  • Commercial kitchen with industrial range & walk-in cooler
  • Dining room and sun porch dining areas 
  • 125 acres of land, including a garden (supplementing meals seasonally), an apple orchard (with space for group activities & camping), and a forest with trails & streams (for camping & exploring)
  • Wood-fired sauna
  • Library & living room (for relaxing & meeting)

*Covid safe ARR agreement:

  • Practice enhanced safety for 14 days before arriving to Earthdance
  • Covid test negative within 48 hours before arriving
  • Wear a mask when in common spaces for first 14 days but not in personal room, while eating, while socially distanced outdoors or during personal studio time
  • Receive temperature or other monitoring checks upon arrival and at different times during your stay
  • Notify Earthdance immediately if you develop any Covid symptoms
  • Regularly wash hands during time in common areas
  • If you leave Earthdance to run errands, practice enhanced safety
  • Limit visits with people outside the ARR group during your residency and practice enhanced safety
  • No visitors to Earthdance during your residency
  • Possible Covid testing after arrival
  • Practice enhanced safety for 14 days before arriving to Earthdance

Does this excite you? If you desire an opportunity to create, then the Artistic Residential Retreat may be for you. To share your interest, apply today -- this doesn’t obligate you to anything!


* At this time we cannot accept any participants arriving internationally due to Covid-19 and quarantine requirements*

    Apply HERE 





    What makes Earthdance unique?
    Earthdance is imbued with the spirit of creativity amidst nature.

    Through 30+ years of innovating programming, Earthdance has become a world-renowned center for movement, somatic & interdisciplinary arts. That creative energy permeates Earthdance’s facilities and provides daily inspiration to those who stay.

    Situated amidst the scenic beauty of the Berkshire foothills in western Massachusetts, Earthdance supports deep connection through quiet intimacy with the natural world. Our studios among the trees provide rare space for reflecting, listening, and learning.

    Learn About Our Facilities

    Visit the Visitor Information page on our website to learn more about the area.