2018 Earthdance Year-End Appeal

Thanks to YOU, our generous community, we met the $20,000 match! 

At Earthdance, we are in the midst of one of our biggest challenges to date. We are at a crossroad and must change our organizational structure to one that is more sustainable. Please help by participating in securing Earthdance’s future.

    Goal: $70,000 
(minimum needed)
Raised: $40,000 
Pledged: $55,000 
    (including match)​
If we get in all pledges by December 31st, we will have exceeded our goal! However, the more we can raise now, the more we can thrive for years to come.                                                            

We have some very exciting plans in the works that will support the interest of our long-term community members, while growing new relationships through an innovative accredited Somatic and Contact Improvisation training program. We will build on Earthdance’s international reputation as a leading movement and living center, while also committing to deepening our practice of intersectional social justice. In the past few years we have been merely surviving financially. We need to create a model in which we are thriving, and we need support to research and implement this new direction.

To be transparent, our operations, while dynamic, groundbreaking, and full of love, are no longer sustainable. We have reached a moment—due to a changing funding climate, changes in regulations, and the reality that we have not been charging enough money to support our programming—that we can no longer adequately support our staff and facilities.

We have scheduled a two month shutdown for long awaited renovations this coming January and February. We have dedicated financial reserves and a matching grant to accomplish this work, but it will mean very limited income during those months.

We hope that you will partner with us in realizing the exciting possibilities for Earthdance as a site for higher education, community building, and social justice by making a meaningful donation by December 31st of this year.



To send a check, make it out to "Earthdance" and mail to Earthdance, 252 Prospect St, Plainfield, MA 01070. To make payments via ACH bank transfer, contact Kelsey at development@earthdance.net

What does Earthdance mean to you? Check out this short video! Roberta Wilmore, Earthdance's Residential Life Coordinator shares a bit about what makes Earthdance special for her.