Moving Arts Lab 2018: a festival meeting ground for interdisciplinary exploration

Facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

August 23, 2018 - 5:00pm to August 26, 2018 - 3:00pm

Come investigate and experience the ways that movement, sound, image, and performance can inform human culture. With multiple workshops each day, teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) and participants from around the world create an embodied dialogue at the intersection of modalities - voice, improvisation, site-specific performance, physical theater, and more. Open to all levels and backgrounds.



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(Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)


Moving Arts Lab Schedule






8 – 9am
8:30 – 10am


Breakfast clean

Breakfast clean

Breakfast clean

10 –12pm


Choose from 3 Workshops:
Dan Bear (Performance Collage)

Choose from 3 Workshops:
Deb (Presence and Storytelling)

Choose from
3 Workshops:


12 – 1pm
12:30 – 1:30pm


Lunch clean

Lunch clean

Lunch clean

1:30 – 3:30pm


Choose from 3 Workshops:
Deborah (Dialogue Across Differences)
Deb (Gateways into the Voice)
Krista + Deirdre

Choose from 3 Workshops:
Deborah (Postmodern Magic)
Dan Bear (Vestuary Adventures…)


Closing Circle

House Clean


4 – 6pm

Arrive 4pm-on
5 – 7pm

Choose from 3 Workshops:
Conrado (Meditative Drawing)

Choose from 3 Workshops:
Arely + Martín
Conrado (Voice-Movement Circle)



6 – 7pm 
6:30 – 8pm

Dinner clean

Dinner clean

Dinner clean






Dialogue Session

Faculty Performance



2018 Teachers & Class Descriptions

2018 Teachers 
Deborah Black | Cândida Borges | Lacina Coulibaly | Dan Bear Davis  | Krista DeNio | Debra Disbrow | Conrado Falbo | Federico Hewson | Martín Lanz Landazuri | Arely Landeros | Thea Little | Deirdre Morris | Claire Reid | Isadora Paz Taboada 

Dialogue Across Differences
with Deborah Black

An experiment in toppling hierarchies in embodied spaces using the Postmodern practice and theory of the Viewpoints as articulated by the choreographer and dancer, Mary Overlie. In our increasingly isolated existences, we will examine hyper-individualism in contrast to group-think to uncover assumptions and discover possible new approaches to working together.

Postmodern Magic
with Deborah Black

In an attempt to ease the mind and the body into a healing space, we will lean into radical care. We will use visualization, Reiki healing, authentic movement, and the postmodern collaboration found in the Dialogue Across Differences (preferable but not required that you participate in both workshops). We will be where we are and begin to dream individual and collective embodied futures.  Temporarily we will leave our 3-D bodies and then step even more fully into them so that we can become agents for change.

Deborah Black is a multi-disciplined embodied artist. From 2013-2016 she was based in Europe teaching The Viewpoints at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (NL) as well as workshops in Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. While previously living in NYC for nearly 15 years and working with Deborah Hay, Siobhán Cronin, Joe Williams, Mary Overlie, and the SITI Company, she began her current research of collective and individual daily practices, conflict management, the space between dance and theatre, and ecology. (Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)

DNA ARCHIVE - an artistic experience about time, migration and ancestry
with Cândida Borges

Looking back hundreds of generations, how would things sound as music? how would they move in space and time? Furthermore, how can the past anticipate the future and the future anticipate the past? In this compositional workshop, I invite you to investigate images, objects, movements and sounds that are stored in your DNA as your memories, impressions, forms, stories and intuitions. Let's cross the boundaries of time (past, present and future) and of space (migrations) in your artistic practice and creations. This workshop is a call for identity and memory.

Cândida Borges is a contemporary musician and interdisciplinary artist - pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, performer, educator and writer from Brazil. An Afro-European descendent, she has inherited musical traditions of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro through her strong family and artistic influences. Currently she is a PhD student in Arts for Plymouth University (UK, 2018). She holds a Bachelors degree (2000) and Masters degree (2005) in Piano Performance from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and Specialization in Electronic Music Production by SAE NYC. As an educator, Cândida has been an Assistant Professor of Music for the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) since 2009, and a invited Professor for international institutes, workshops, festivals and universities such as Montclair State University (US). Classically trained, she has also been making music for films, ballet, theater, collaborations with DJs and producers worldwide, and especially for her own career. NYC based for a multicultural environment exploration in her PhD project, she has been exploring in arts the subjects of immigration, borders and social innovation. (Photo credit: Denise Telles)

Rhythm and Impermanence
with Lacina Coulibaly

This workshop focuses on the musicality and kinetic form of our daily movements and their extension to a new form of dance that reflects how we see or think about dance. Proposing the idea that nothing remains stable, that it is transformed and reformed by its time, participants will see how a daily movement is constructed and shaped with an emphasis on rhythm, energy, and body movement coordination and expression. In my home culture, dance is about community. In my interpretation, dance is about relationship - within our own bodies, with the earth, with others, the world around us, both visible and invisible. That relationship is where rhythm takes place.

Lacina Coulibaly was born in Burkina Faso. His professional dance career, deeply rooted in African traditional dances, later merged with European contemporary influences to create a uniquely African choreographic expression. In 1995, Lacina created the award-winning Cie Kongo Bâ Teria with Souleymane Badolo and Ousseni Sako, which toured extensively in Europe and the U.S. He has also danced and choreographed with several international dance companies (Salia ni Seydou, Faso Danse Theatre, TchéTché, Urban Bush Women), and collaborated artistically with such artists as Emily Coates, Amy Sullivan, Wendy Jehlen, Kota Yamakazi and Seydou Coulibaly.  He also served as Associate Choreographer to the project Engagement Feminin, initiated by August Ouedroago and Bienvenue Bazié, and is currently Artistic Director of Compagnie Artistique Hakili Sigi. As an experienced educator, Lacina has taught at numerous universities and is currently guest lecturer at Yale University and Sarah Lawrence College.


Performance Collage
with Daniel Bear Davis

In this Composition Workshop we will weave between movement, visual image, and writing exercises to create textured and content-rich improvisational scores and structures for performance. Through collage with the body, image, time, and space, our source materials are endowed with meaning.  Content is born from juxtaposition, similitude, context, spatial relationship, rhythm, quality, gesture, and other compositional elements. Join us in this interdisciplinary playground of discovery and creation. Bring a notebook and pen.

Vestuary Adventures in Movement
with Daniel Bear Davis

In this playful composition workshop we will explore how costume and fabric in their material and social aspects shape and re-shape our movement choices. Why do superheroes wear spandex? Why do hippies wear flowy clothing? And when do I get to break out the sequined tuxedo jacket?! We will create simple movement phrases and transform them into image, character, narrative and more - with the help of a few choice cuts of cloth.

Daniel Bear Davis is an interdisciplinary performance maker and movement educator. He has taught Contact Improvisation and Axis Syllabus internationally in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and throughout North America. Whether teaching physical skills or compositional practices, his intention is to foster tools for informed choice and increased possibility. He has been blessed with opportunities to perform with Guillermo Gomez Peña, Nita Little, Nancy Stark Smith, Pipaluk Supernova/Live Art Installations, Felix Ruckert, Kira Kirsch, Erika Tsimbrovsky, Scott Wells, Cid Pearlman, and many other inspiring body/minds. Daniel’s recent performance work focuses on creating new communities through collaboration with marginalized populations engaging with personal story.


MOVE Full Spectrum
with Krista DeNio

Working from the ground up, this class will emphasis moving from the inside out. We begin with a warm-up based in post-modern dance, developmental movement and with Body Mind Centering ethos. From here we enter sound and movement explorations, influenced by the Roy Hart Theatre and Ruth Zaporah's Action Theater. From here we move into the making with an alive body--vibrating and articulating from the inside out.

Devising Performance from the Inside Out
with Deirdre Morris

We will devise choreography from storytelling by sharing stories about ourselves, where we come from, and noticing how our story intersects with another’s story. We will generate movement scores from our stories to co-create brief choreographic studies that culminate into a structured improvisation. We'll explore making connections, noticing images, unison, contrast, etc. to connect and build a brief performance piece we can run by the end of class. The class is focused on building connections and co-creating together.

Rooted Connection
with Krista DeNio & Deirdre Morris

This workshop is based in Krista and Deirdre's current research exploring the similarities between our internal body-mind systems to the natural world around us. Specifically we will explore the impact of our listening to and being with trees. Through a series of physical, vocal, and writing exercises we will develop creative responses to the information we gather. Both contemplative and active, this workshop utilizes somatic, movement and theater practices.

Krista DeNio is an interdisciplinary choreographer, director, performer, writer and educator. Artistic Director of KD>>Moving Ground, she is committed to engaging interdisciplinary collaboration that bridges performance work, education and activism. Current projects include EchoTheaterSuitcase and NETWORK. Krista teaches dance and performance making throughout the Bay Area and country. She received her BA in Dance/Dramatic Art and I.S.F. [Development and Human Rights] from U.C. Berkeley and her MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. (Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)

Deirdre Morris is a working member of Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations (2010-present) and the Founder/Director of The Forgotten Body Remembers, a site for research into embodied experience of knowledge making in movement based practices and social justice ecologies. She is also the new Executive Director at Earthdance. Her practice spans the mediums of dance, theatre, and site specific installations interested in the generation of cultural reciprocity that bridges personal narrative and collective memory. Deirdre's project 'Mapping the Feminine', is a series of intimate movement scores that are seeking to express the divining of natural feminine forces to locate a 'genetically felt' experience of devotional space. You can see more of her work at: (Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)

Presence and Storytelling- Physical and Emotional Impulse
with Debra Disbrow

Using a combination of physical theater, comedy improv, movement, writing and text inspired by Grotowski, Keith Johnstone, Body Mind Centering and others, we will activate our image life and physical and emotional impulses through character, relationship, humor and play. Short theatrical performances will emerge with stories that want to be told.

Gateways into the voice
with Debra Disbrow

Our voices are strong gateways into our emotions, associations, memories, and fantasies. Inspired by self-scripting/collective writing techniques and Roy Hart extended voice, we will experiment with the untold stories within our voices. Experiments with melody and song will be encouraged through physical/singing/sound explorations.

Debra Disbrow creates, performs, and directs ensemble and solo works that cross disciplines of music, dance, and theater. She also sings on various recordings, produces/directs voiceovers and is currently recording and performing with her band. She teaches physical theater/devised theater, the singing voice, movement improvisation and exploring the intersection between them. She facilitates workshops in arts integration for educators and mentors teaching artists working in public schools. Debra is a founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement (dance theater) and Convergences Theater Collective and holds an MFA in theater-contemporary performance from Naropa University. 
(Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)

Meditative drawing - following the lines of presence
with Conrado Falbo

Years ago, I felt the urge of working on a meditation practice that could combine my love of drawing and the need of quieting the mind and just staying present with whatever was happening in the moment. This experience turned out to be revealing of many possibilities, metaphors, and movements contained in the simple act of drawing a line and following its way no matter where it may lead. This workshop comes from my desire to share and experiment with this basic idea. The proposed activities combine drawing and movement practices.

Voice-Movement Circle
with Conrado Falbo

A series of simple improvisational practices building-up to a shared time dedicated to the free expression of voice-movement. We will be working with non-verbal and non-musical vocal expression as well as with the notion of voice as movement (all will be explained and experienced in the preliminary practices). The goal is to co-create a safe environment that can support each participant to collectively express whatever impulses are present in the moment through voice-movement. The circle is followed by a collective vocal massage and a harvest/sharing circle. The work will be structured as follows:

- Arriving: warm-up
- Guided individual improv practice
- Guided group improv practice
- Voice-movement circle
- Collective vocal massage
- Closing: harvest/sharing circle

Conrado Falbo is an interdisciplinary artist working with movement, sound and drawing through the perspective of improvisation both as a creative and interactive approach to performance, teaching/researching and healing. Since 2007 he´s been investigating the possibilities of voice beyond speech and song, further developing his research through the process of getting an MA and PhD degrees in Literary Theory from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil), where he also taught Voice and Movement at the Drama/Dance department as a temporary teacher. Since 2011, as a member of Coletivo Lugar Comum (independent collective based in Recife, Brazil), he´s been experimenting with interdisciplinary performance in public spaces and collaborative creative practices. For the past 6-7 years he´s also been intensely committed to the discipline of Authentic Movement (under the supervision of Soraya Jorge, former pupil of Janet Adler and introducer of the discipline in Brazil) and Contact Improvisation (having studied with teachers from various nationalities/backgrounds and helping organize workshops and festivals throughout Brazil). (Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard)

Floral Solutions
with Federico Hewson

Working from inspiration by One World in Dialogue in Frankfurt and his experience in peace work and entrepreneurship, Federico will talk about his journey from curating performances to curating supply chains - how artists can contribute, disrupt, or further business to reflect a better system of values as promised in the current social entrepreneurship movement. He will talk about his partnership with start-up Moral Florals as well as his upcoming book The Action of Flowers - flowers as symbols in revolution, creativity and social development. We will work with the principles of Beautiful Trouble - the 'elegant and incendiary' toolbox for Revolution.

Federico Hewson is an art activist, producer and curator living in Berlin. He recently earned a Masters in Art, Education and Community Practice at NYU after moving to New York from London via Amsterdam. He's a dual citizen of the US and UK, from an Italian mother, and grew up in San Francisco. Federico was an actor and performance artist for many years in Los Angeles and Chicago where he co-founded Same Planet Different World dance-theatre. Twelve years ago, he launched the Valentine Peace Project in Amsterdam, working with the international floral industry. His work now exists in spaces where social entrepreneurship meets art and social change. (Photo credit: Dale Grant)


ChoreoCartography LAB
with Arely Landeros

Based on the practice of walking and social cartography. A sensory drift of the elements that make up the experience of inhabited space. We will create ways of approaching space from our bodies.How do bodies create ambiance (its dynamics, fluctuations and an experience)? Where does the individual body end and the social body begin?

Creative fields
with Martín Lanz Landázuri

An approach to body, objects and landscaping from the design, material and shapes of any given form or source. Collection, connecting and distribution, help us to compose and inhabit creative fields. We want to create places where body meets materiality, and mold to each other while carving the space.

Composing spaces
with Arely Landeros & Martín Lanz Landázuri

This is a follow up to “CoreoCartography Lab” and an introduction to “Creative Fields”. Our individual approaches to space and objects meet in this collaboration. We will collect images, landscapes, forms, sensations, memories and materials to compose spaces, supported by contemplation and walking as a creative practice.

Arely Landeros is dedicated to performance art and research in psycho-corporal therapy applied to arts and social contexts. Her artwork goes from the individual, inner world to the social experience of commonality and its challenges.  She has studied psychology and she has experience in social research and community intervention. Director of Espontánea!, Creative residency for emerging professional women. Academic Coordinator of Laboratorio: Condensación, a meeting designed for creation and interdisciplinary experimentation within the field of art and its social contexts. (Photo credit: Natalia Luna)

Martín Lanz Landázuri is a choreographer and interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. He has created his work through mobility, collaboration and research in diverse environments, cultures and rhythms. Lanz Landázuri instigated the process-based festival Laboratorio Condensacion




Ocean of Gestures and Vocal Sounds
with Thea Little

I’m interested in connecting gesture, vocal sound and meaning. Does an abstract “created” gesture invoke thoughts or feelings and vice versa, what kind of gestures flow naturally from body, mind and spirit when originating from thought and emotion or feeling? When adding a vocal sound, are gestures always in tandem with the sound or how can they be counterpoint or "different" from each other? Do these varying capsules of gesture and sound that we will make - these decisions and results - affect feeling in the body/spirit/brain or ignite different kinds of thoughts, reactions and intentions, etc.?

Thea Little investigates the hybrid of performance art, dance-theater and experimental music through creating and performing solos and directing group works. Thea received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ADF and her BA from Columbia University. She has done choreographic residencies throughout Europe, The Lanchonete Residency in São Paolo, Brazil, the LEIMAY Fellowship, the LiftOff New Dance Alliance Residency, and the 100 Bogart Residency with Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation. Thea is proud to be on the Advisory Board of New Dance Alliance. She is also excited to be a National Sawdust Artist-in-Residence in 2018-2019 in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo credit: Quentin Burley)


Listening Body
with Claire Turner Reid

This workshop invites participants to listen deeply while negotiating forces. Through the practice of Taijiquan Push Hands - a two-person meditative self-defense practice - we will explore embodied ways to navigate challenging situations. How can we cultivate strength and fluidity; alertness and relaxation; stability and adaptability? How can we experience these seeming dualities not as opposites, but as a dynamic whole? Participants will be offered meditative and practical tools for cultivating sensitivity and power within one’s own structure and through/with the structure of another.

Claire Turner Reid is a movement artist with a dance, theatre, and internal martial arts background. With a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of Windsor, she also has extensive performance and research experience in dance, theatre, and movement arts. Her current focus is full-time study of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (OCTCM) as well as a passion for human design and movement facilitated by her engagement with the Axis Syllabus International Research Community (ASIRC). Claire is a certified Spiritwind Internal Arts Qigong and Taijiquan instructor, a certified Level II Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong instructor, a teacher candidate with the ASIRC, and an instructor at OCTCM where she teaches Qigong. She is grateful for the lineage shared by her two main Qigong teachers, Sifu Dylan Kirk and Daisy Lee. Drawing on her diverse experience in movement, performance, and healing arts, Claire continues to explore new ways of moving, being, and learning. She uses movement and healing practices as a way to deepen awareness, honour the integrity of the body, and enrich inter-relational possibilities.

Bodies, territories and resistances*
with Isadora Paz Taboada

This is a creation and composition lab that proposes interdisciplinary resources and expression to build on the political significance of the body as a territory of struggle. After a  brief discussion about the body as a construction mediated by relations of power, we are going to create our own “Performed Manifestos” by approaching social struggles of the many identities today, but ultimately questioning and making visible the role of the artist in society as an emancipatory force.
*This workshop will be offered in two parts during the Lab.

Isadora Paz Taboada is a Honduran-Argentinian dance artist and co-founder of DA escenica, an independent collaborative project based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She has been a resident artist at ADF Durham, NC and at the National Choreographic Center in La Rochelle, France. Complementary to her dance career, she has done postgraduate studies in Development and cultural studies in the Netherlands. Since then, she has been offering performances and workshops on the political dimensions of the body as an extension and continuous elaboration of her research: Performing Honduras: Body politics, identity and development. Isadora promotes collective inquiry through dance, and facilitates community development as continuous intercultural dialogue, and action as interdisciplinary exploration. (Photo credit: Albert Ferrer)