Our 2017 Year-End Fundraiser!

Dear community,

On behalf of the Earthdance board and staff, I want to share with you how we are more fully stepping into our vision of a vibrant, curious, and equitable society, and to ask for your participation in our growth.

A core element of Earthdance’s operations is the financial support we receive from our community through donations. Your contributions are essential to sustain our dedicated staff and volunteers, maintain and improve our facilities, expand and deepen our reach, and to keep us all dancing!

Alongside our ongoing operations, Earthdance is working to strengthen our commitment to social equity, with racial justice at the core. As we move toward more wholly supporting those in our community who are People of the Global Majority, and historically marginalized communities, we need support to complete and sustain these positive changes.

Join us by making a meaningful donation to Earthdance. We aim to raise $20,000 for ongoing operations, and $20,000 for racial justice. Consider us in your year-end giving!

We acknowledge that despite good intentions, Earthdance has engaged in oppressive habits that replicate the racial inequity we seek to change. This year, we began a process towards truth and reconciliation. This continues in the coming year as board members, staff, and community develop specific actions to strengthen racial equity at Earthdance through our programming, hiring practices, etc. Funds raised through this campaign will be used in part for the professional consultation we're receiving for both immediate and long-term changes. Visit earthdance.net/racialjustice for updates.

Now is the time for the Earthdance community to find greater alignment with our values, and to embody the justice, healing, and equity we wish to see in the wider world.

Institutional structures that perpetuate injustice have been passed down for generations. It will take ongoing learning and persistence to shift these patterns. As we continue to create positive cultural shifts at Earthdance, we strive to transform harmful behaviors, recognize how to more effectively listen, respond with care, and build towards greater collective liberation. Join us in these efforts.

Direct your support either towards general operations or racial justice efforts. Or give to both! Please donate to Earthdance today.

Yours truly,

Sarah Young
Executive Director

P.S. Your contribution to our ongoing operations and racial justice efforts deepens human connection at its core. Consider a meaningful gift today! 

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Find out more about our current racial justice initiatives and additional resources HERE