Moving Arts Lab 2016: A Festival for Interdisciplinary Exploration

Facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

August 18, 2016 - 5:00pm to August 21, 2016 - 3:00pm

A 3-day festival for exploring and blurring the lines between a host of forms: voice, improvisation, performance practices, composition, physical theater, and more. Teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) gather for a week-long residency preceding the festival. The fruits of their research become the starting point for a weekend of interweaving disciplines, concepts, and understandings. Categories that serve elsewhere are called into question. The festival culminates in a performance by IIAC teachers. Moving Arts Lab is open to all levels and backgrounds.
Photo credit: Peter Sciscioli

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Workshop Descriptions & Teacher Bios:

BodyNature with Esther Baker-Tarpaga
In this workshop we will begin with connecting with each other in a warm-up and then move into the environment. The goal is to attune to each other, with the environs of Earthdance, and to follow our impulses and sensations. We will work on deep listening, supporting the group, installing our bodies in the natural landscape, and with materials from nature.
Engaging Anti-Racism: Artists as Allies with Esther Baker-Tarpaga & Krista Denio
We will first create a framework for our workshop that invites all participants to the table, beginning with broad structural points of reference from anti-racism and white ally work. From this starting point, we’ll dive into personal excavation, considering where each of us stand in this conversation - bringing to bear personal history and present day reality. Group exercises will draw from the work of powerful leaders in the work of anti-racism, including Peggy McIntosh, Robin DiAngelo, Tim Wise, and others. Embodied work will be central to the dialogue, engaging writing and other improvisational movement and theater forms, from Authentic Movement, to Action Theater. Reading and viewing resources that have informed our own work will also be provided.
Esther Baker-Tarpaga, co-artistic director of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project, is a choreographer and performance artist. She is Dance Faculty at University of the Arts, Philadelphia. She was recently a US Cultural Envoy at In-Out Festival in Bobo Diouloasso, Burkina Faso and has taught at University of Iowa and OSU. Her recent work was presented at Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, Pittsburgh; Grace Performance Space, Brooklyn, NY; Dance on Camera Festival, New York, NY; Bali Spirit Festival, Indonesia; and The Wassaic Festival, NY. She formerly toured with David Rousseve/REALITY and is an Associate of Guillermo Gomez-Pena/La Pocha Nostra.
Krista DeNio is an interdisciplinary choreographer, director, performer, writer and educator. She teaches dance and performance making throughout the Bay Area and nationally. Current cross-disciplinary and community engaged investigations include: Empathy Lab, a collaboration with Lochlann Jain, Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, a course bringing performance methodologies and practice into exchange with anthropology and ethnography; EchoTheaterSuitcase project (project director) bringing veterans and non-veterans together to create original performance work; and participating as an Artist Facilitator and project leadership in Skywatchers, a project of ABD productions, in San Francisco’s Tenderloin community. Krista is also former Executive Artistic Director of Earthdance.
Presence & Storytelling – Physical, Emotional, & Musical Impulses* with Debra Disbrow
In this workshop we will experiment with presence in its many forms, through the guises of physical theater, improvisation, and storytelling with the musical voice. Beginning with physical theater explorations inspired by Grotowski, Keith Johnstone, Roy Hart, comedy improv and others, we will activate our image life and physical and emotional impulses through status, character, humor and play. We will then awaken our voices and follow our impulses for storytelling through writing, movement/vocal/emotion scores, and experiments in singing in character. Through active research in presence and play, we will follow our curiosities, allow risk-taking and aim to surprise ourselves.
*This workshop will be offered in two parts during the Lab.
Debra Disbrow creates, performs, and directs ensemble theater and solo works that cross disciplines of dance, theater, and music. As a performer/co-creator, she has worked on the development of new performance work and directed solo works by Damaris Webb (Dixon Place, The 1 Festival, Ethos/ IFCC in Portland, OR) and Eliza Ladd (Performance Mix, United Solo, Dixon Place). She teaches physical theater/ devised theater, the singing voice and movement improvisation. She also sings on various recordings and produces/directs voiceovers. Debra is a founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement (dance theater) and Convergences Theater Collective and holds an MFA in theater- contemporary performance from Naropa University.
Letting the Body Sound Through Movement Improvisation with Conrado Falbo
In this workshop I introduce some of the practices I've been exploring in my creative work for the past few years. The general idea is to focus on movement improvisation as a way of letting the body express itself through sound (mostly but not exclusively vocal). We'll work within minimum improvisation structures having the only goal of letting things flow while being aware and ready to respond to whatever comes. The proposed activities combine principles from a variety of improvisation practices such as real time composition, Action Theater, Contact Improvisation, etc.
Meditative Drawing – Following the Line of Presence with Conrado Falbo
Years ago, I felt the urge of working on a meditation practice that could combine my love of drawing and the need of quieting the mind and just staying present with whatever was happening in the moment. This experience turned out to be surprisingly revealing of the many possibilities, metaphors, and movements contained in the simple act of drawing a line and following its way no matter where it may lead us. This workshop comes from my desire to share and experiment with this basic idea. The proposed activities combine drawing and movement practices.
Conrado Falbo is a musician, performance artist, teacher, and independent researcher. His work deals with the possibilities of voice in performance with a focus on improvisation as both a creative and interactive approach to artistic practice. Since 2011, as part of Coletivo Lugar Comum (an interdisciplinary artist collective based in Recife - Brazil) he's been experimenting with collaborative creation and performance in public spaces. He's also been active in the Brazilian Contact Improvisation scene both as a dancer and producer.


LEIMAY LUDUS (The Moved Body)* with Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya
This session will focus on one of the aspects surrounding LEIMAY’s physical work; akin to the conditioning of a conductive body. A body that is “moved by” as opposite to a body that “moves.” Through various exercises and explorations, participants gain the opportunity to experience the body as a material in dynamic conversation with the currents of its environment.To awaken the imagination, to trigger expanded stages of consciousness and to engage in deep play will be among the goals.
*This workshop will be offered in two parts during the Lab.
Under the name of LEIMAY, for the past sixteen years Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya's artistic duo develops, creates and tours collaborative works ranging from movement-based performances to mixed-media art, video and installation art, to publications, and training projects. Their subjects often question the ambivalence of human nature; the perception of the spectator's gaze; the intervals between spaces, objects, and time; the energetic flow of spaces and bodies; and the tension between the organic and the inorganic. Their stage performances juxtapose sound, video, light, and movement to create multi-sensorial experiences of wild physicality and meditative stillness.
You & Me with Tara Rynders
Guided by a map you will be taken on a journey through the land of Earthdance to experience the many ways we develop relationships with each other and the space around us. Through movement, music, and art we will lead one another through new ways of being in time, space, and connection. We will then apply these principles to the creative process and watch as each individual uniquely responds to this journey. We will then draw from these responses and collectively create an experience that embraces the importance of togetherness and what it means to participate in life with one another.
us with Tara Rynders
us with Tara Rynders
“us” is an hour and half performance that takes place indoors and outdoors of Earthdance. This performance will be interactive and include dance, theatre, art, music, food, and an audio tour. Through one-on-one interactions and interactive installations the guests play a vital role in the performances and without them the performance would not exist. “us” will look at intimacy from many different angles and will blur lines between private and public, life and art, performer and audience member, and will hopefully invoke conversation about intimacy, art, and performance in our lives.
Tara Rynders hello. I am an international video and dance artist who layers performance with joy, human interaction, visual art, and site- specific performance. I create visual and embodied experiences that could not exist without the presence and interaction of the viewer. I am the creative director of You & Me, a site-specific multi-disciplinary company that has performed throughout the US and Europe. I am also a registered nurse and I am honored to witness and experience intimate moments alongside my patients on a daily basis. My video work has been commissioned and screened in performance, exhibitions and film festivals nationally and internationally through Europe and Mexico. Ultimately it is simple everyday moments of life that inspire and invigorate me to share my heart and dance with you!, (photo by Adam Bove)
Full Bodied Voice with Margot Bassett Silver
In this workshop we seek the body as instrument and the voice as movement. Our research will be rooted in a physical practice since the voice is fundamentally connected with the body, and we will involve our full bodies and our full range of sound. Together we will investigate the possibility of the human voice: its ability to express, to excavate, to channel, and overall to connect – to one's self, to others, and to the earth. Some easy songs and harmony will be included – no experience necessary, but please come ready to move, to make sound, and to sing.
Body, Image, Voice with Margot Bassett Silver
We will focus on tools and practices to bypass the left-brain-right-wrong-pretty-ugly limitations we put on our voices. Using our bodies, the natural world, and our wild imaginations, we will research an embodied freedom unique to each person and to whatever group comes together for this workshop. No singing/vocal experience necessary, but a willingness to make sound and be heard is required!
Margot Bassett Silver is a vocalist, mover, and performance-maker based in Minneapolis. Margot has toured with Emily Johnson/Catalyst and performed and/or collaborated with various luminaries in Minneapolis and New York City, her previous home, in addition to performing Off-Broadway. She was also lucky enough to perform as Choir Section Leader in Meredith Monk’s Songs of Ascension at BAM in 2009. Margot holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, a BA in Dance from Wesleyan University, and has studied at the Juilliard School and the European American Musical Alliance in Paris. She also bakes pies as Magpie Mpls.


Contemplative Collection with Deborah Black
An experiment in expanding Barbara Dilley's Contemplative Dance Practice. A group will enter into a structure of timed events that lead to collecting material from improvisation for performance including meditation, personal warm-up, witnessing, writing, and visualizations. We will work from the assumption of each individual's autonomy and inevitable influence on the collective as an attempt to short-cut negotiations around collectivity. In other words, we will look for an alchemy of exchange without hierarchy of individuals or concepts.

Deborah Black was based for the last several years in Europe teaching physical theater and dance, and collaborating with two interdisciplinary companies: the Tuning People (Belgium) and YMIST Company (Norway). While previously living in New York City for nearly 15 years and working with Deborah Hay, Siobhán K Cronin, and the SITI Company, she began her current research of collective and individual daily practices, conflict management, and ecology. She grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Object || Body with Will Bond & Marianne M. Kim
We will experiment with the interaction of everyday objects with the body as a vehicle in the investigation of how we inhabit space and how these performative events can alter perception. Everyday objects intermingle with simple physical gestures and shapes in unfamiliar and illogical relationships as a lens to reconsider the ordinary and mundane in a new way. We will use metacognitive strategies of orienting and reorienting the body with objects in celebration of the absurd and the surreal. It is an opportunity to awaken curiosity and invite failure. Please bring a few everyday objects and extra clothing (nothing precious).
Will Bond is a founding member of SITI Company; his performance tours include The Medium, Bob (Drama Desk Nomination), bobrauschenbergamerica, Death and the Ploughman, Radio MacBeth, Antigone, and Persian. He has performed Tadashi Suzuki’s Dionysus, and Tale of Lear, Robert Wilson’s Persephone, and A Rite – after Stravinsky with Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance. Original works include: I’ll Crane For You, a solo dance commissioned from Deborah Hay, and The Perfect Human V.1, Option Delete, and an EMPAC DANCE MOViEs commission Lost & Found all with Marianne M. Kim.
Marianne M. Kim is a Korean American artist working in screendance, video art, and multimedia installation. Her most recent video screenings include Athens Video Dance Project, Dance Film Association/Film Society of Lincoln Center, International Screendance Festival at American Dance Festival, MIVSC São Carlos Videodance Festival, Agite y Sirva Festival Itinerante de Videodanza, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, and Ciné-Corps Festival de Films Sur La Danse. Kim’s short film Martiality, Not Fighting was awarded a Dioraphte Jury Award at Cinedans 2016 in Amsterdam, Best Performance Award at the Voarte – InShadow International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies in 2014, and Best Short Film at Dance Camera West 2015 in Los Angeles. She is currently Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance and Arizona State University.
#MANAhatta with Jack Gray
A New Zealander and Maori contemporary dance artist, Gray was recently artist-in-residence at Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU where he continued to progress ways that we can map indigeneity as a performance process in lands that have complex relationships to race, culture, and gender. The work offers practical forms of communication and space holding that derive from a 4-year intercultural organisation of how people from many places gather, embody, and create solutions, both private and global.
Jack Gray (Ngati Porou, Ngapuhi, Te Rarawa, Ngati Kahungunu) is an acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and scholar. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Gray first connected to his cultural roots through traditional Māori dance, Kapa Haka, and later discovered contemporary dance. In 2000, he founded the Atamira Dance Company, an all Māori contemporary dance theatre, which has since become one of the nation’s premiere dance companies. Most recently, Atamira premiered Mitimiti, a full-length performance work for which Gray conducted five years of research. It featured First Nation dancers from New Zealand, Australia, Guåhan (Guam), and the Kiowa People (Oklahoma). His previous performance highlights include: Ten Days on the Island (Australia), Festival of Pacific Arts (Solomon Islands), Asia-Pacific Dance Festival (Hawai‘i), and the San Francisco International Arts Festival.
Somatic Practices for Traveling Between the Worlds with Maré Hieronimus
Through practices of deep sensing and inner listening, breath and movement work, and the use of poetic language and imagery/visualization, we will explore the generation of altered states of being using the body as the doorway in. Consciously accessing the liminal space between waking and dream states, we will look to unearth the intuitive wisdom of the body and its layers of mystery and meaning as they arise through sensation, image, archetype, and symbol. Through cultivating our relationship to this liminal space, we connect ourselves into the roots of our own creativity, the potential for healing, and our essential spiritual nature.
Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary dance artist, performer and teacher who works across media, including video, photography, voice, as well as sound-scoring, all towards the creation of her body and site based work. Drawing from her interests in memory, mythology, sensory perception, embodiment, and the interface between body and landscape, she creates ritually based performance using the shifting field of the body as point of origin. Her work has been presented widely in NYC and beyond. She is a 2016 Playa Summer Lake Fellow (OR), a 2015 Djerassi Resident Artist (CA), and a 2014/2015 E|MERGE Resident Artist (MA). She is currently dance faculty at LIU/Brooklyn.

Objects-Cohabitants with Martin Lanz Landazuri
An approach to objects and landscaping from the design, material and shapes of any given object. Collection, distribution, composing and landscaping. We will try to achieve a place where body meets objects in materiality, and mold to each other through interaction.

Martín Lanz Landázuri is a choreographer and interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. He feeds his work through research, collaboration and community oriented encounters, which he has conducted in México, New York, Cuba, Denmark, Uruguay, Austria and other places. He has considered New York City a primary peer since 2006 and was a 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. Current projects include a piece in collaboration with Ursula Eagly and Kohji Setoh to be presented in Japan (2016), New York and Mexico (2017). Also an audiovisual instalation for the body Martin also instigated the process-based festival Laboratorio Condensacion, which has taken place in Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay and is now in its fourth year, where members of New York and IIAC communities attend on regular basis.

Playful Collisions and Grand Mash-Ups with Peter Sciscioli & Petra van Noort
Inspired by meeting points in our mutual and different dance-theater lineages (including Jane Comfort, Susan Marshall, Joe Goode and Pina Bausch), we will offer an experience of integrating weight, breath, emotion, sound, gesture, language and partnering. We'll begin with self-exploration and move into working with a partner. Sharing various exercises to warm up and source material from the body, we’ll invite surprise by facilitating the collision of these elements into a grand mash up, resulting in a sequence of dance-theater.

Peter Sciscioli is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary performer, creator, educator, and producer whose work encompasses dance, music, theater and film. He has performed and taught in major U.S. institutions and in countries from Mexico to Macedonia, worked extensively with Meredith Monk, Jane Comfort and Daria Fain, and performed in work by Jonathan Bepler/Matthew Barney, Ping Chong, DD Dorvillier, Susan Marshall and Philip Glass/Mary Zimmerman, among others. Peter is the founder of the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium and facilitator of the Moving Arts Lab each summer at Earthdance.

Petra van Noort, NYC-based and originally from The Netherlands, is a collaborative creator and integrator in dance-theater (choreographing, performing, teaching) and in the healing arts. She has moved, made, taught and toured internationally with acclaimed companies fronted by inspiring women: Wies Merkx, Jennifer Muller, in decade-long collaborations with both Susan Marshall and Tiffany Mills, and currently, Jane Comfort. Petra’s 1999 audition for Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal resulted in a 15-year relationship, training and studying with and observing the company in 5 different countries. Celebrating interdependence, she invites you into to engage with her different practices:

The Pursuit of Happiness with Edisa Weeks
A physical workshop that explores how happiness resonates in the body. Through a series of physical exercises and verbal questions, we will investigate if happiness has a rhythm and how that rhythm can be manifested. We will also explore is it possible to have too much happiness? When does happiness stop being happiness and then what does it turn into? Also how do we protect or purchase happiness?
Choreographer Edisa Weeks is working on Three Rites: Life, Liberty, Happiness, which integrates live music, dance, text and a visual installation to examine how America has promoted, protected, personified and pursued life, liberty and happiness. She formed DELIRIOUS Dances in 2003 to empower people through the immediacy of dance. Weeks creates mixed media interactive work in intimate environments. Her work has been performed in a variety of venues including The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, chashama arts, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Emory University, Works & Process at the Guggenheim Museum, Harlem Stage, The Kennedy Center, The Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts, The Mermaid Parade, The National Black Arts Festival, and Summerstages Dance Festival, as well as in storefront windows, senior centers, sidewalks and living rooms, including living rooms in Berlin, Germany, as part of Haus der Kulturen der Welts 50th anniversary celebration. (photo by Julie Lemberger)

Relaxed Action with Sarah Young
How can we continually allow for dynamic, easeful responsiveness within clearly articulated structures? Drawing from the Feldenkrais Method, we will begin moving simply to quiet the nervous system and expand our self-awareness. Through this process, we will increase our propensity for efficiency and spontaneity towards finding unexpected moments of movement improvisation.

As a movement artist, Sarah Young has worked most closely with choreographers Hilary Easton, Stephan Koplowitz, Jill Sigman, Ann Robideaux and Alexx Shilling, David Dorfman, and the Treehouse Shakers, and has researched Contact Improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith and Chris Aiken. She is a Wisconsin native, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign alum, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco), Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher, and currently the Executive Director of Earthdance.