Transnational Dance Immersion 2016 with Donna Mejia

Raising Spirits in Support of Earthdance

October 13, 2016 - 5:00pm to October 16, 2016 - 3:00pm

For those unafraid of new possibilities in human expression, this workshop zooms in on various dance genres to excavate the most efficient tools for unleashing the intelligence of the body in dance. Fascinated by her own multi-heritage background, Donna Mejia studied the classical traditions of many cultures and is the first collegiate professor of transnational dance globally. After 30 years of study, she has galvanized a personal practice that defies categorization but aesthetically highlights common denominators between dances of the North African/Arab rural communities, Yoga, Ballet, American hip hop, and Brazilian Silvestre Contemporary technique. Inventive fusion, hardcore rhythms, precision hip work, and athletic challenge are always part of the formula. Each morning features three hours of bodywork (stretching, alignment, yoga, and somatic science). Each afternoon we dance for three hours! (Please note: you will be subjected to the best music in the universe).
Photo by Carrie Meyer

Tuition, Room & Board (tiered for accessibility)

Professional: $450 $420
Full:                $400 $370
Subsidized:   $350 $320



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