Butoh Ritual Mexicano Dance with Diego Piñon


Diego Piñon, photo courtesy of the artist

July 9th (Friday evening) to July 18th (Sunday Morning)

Diego Piñon's Butoh Ritual Mexicano Dance is a creative research practice based around personal experiences, collective symbols, and deep expressive needs. Intense physical training cultivates individual creativity through the use of emotional environments and energetic charges within a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Together, each individual reinforces the exchange and expansion of collective energy in order to realize a communal dance creation.

Diego Piñon's unique approach to dance, Butoh Ritual Mexicano, incorporates more than 25 years research in Mexican engergetic traditions, Japanese butoh, ritual dance, therapeutic body practices, Modern dance, and contemporary theater. Diego has enjoyed years of solo performance and commissions to direct professional dance ensembles and theater companies in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. He leads intensive workshops in Mexico and additional workshops, classes, lectures, and performances throughout North America. www.diegopinon.com

This workshop is a part of the SEEDS Festival. In addition to the workshop, you are also invited to attend evening performances, discussions, jams, and films as well as the Saturday Community Day as part of your participation.


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