Artists for the Long-Haul

with Amii Legendre & Lani Nahele

October 12, 2012 - 10:00am - October 14, 2012 - 5:00pm

The focus of this workshop is to lure unexpressed aspects of ourselves as individuals, dancers, artists, activists and community forward and to develop endurance both physically and emotionally. In our improvisation, dancing and art, when do we indulge, inhibit, lead, follow, say yes, say no, witness, exit, or endure?

Synthesizing concepts from ensemble improvisation, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and story telling we'll lay skill sets to bring us closer to our power, our voice, our intention, and bring our work to some public action completion.

Improvising Musicians and Improvising Dancers by Mike Vargas

Mike Vargas is a long-time community member and musician who often collaborates with dancers and provides soundscapes to our monthly jams at Earthdance.  On April 12th at 9pm he will present Curiosity is Gravity (solo piano plus surprises) at Smith College.

Sustainability Sundays

Spring Focus on Ecological Sustainability

April 22, 2012 - 10:00am - 6:00pm

This annual, 4-series event will occur once per season.  Together, we will explore each dimension of the ecovillage model; ecological, social, economic, and spiritual/cultural sustainability.  Join us for this FREE community event; as we come together to cultivate sustainable practices, creative improvisation and demonstration of sustainable community living!


Job Opening at Earthdance - Operations Director!

Earthdance is currently accepting applications for a new Operations Director.  The position will begin June 1st.  Priority will be given given to applications received by April 15.  For more information visit our Employment Opportunities page.

1st Sunday Music and Movement Jam

April 1, 2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Once a month the Umbrella Studio fills with a celebration of movement and music!  A live soundscape is provided by a local musican.  Bring your own instruments to join in after 10pm.

All dance levels and styles are welcome.

The musicians this week are Jake Wise and Ali Skalli.  This is a last-minute change, as Jane Wang cannot make this week.  She will play the first-Sunday jam in November.

From the Director's Loft: Earthdance E|MERGES

Dancing throughout the spaces of Earthdance, from the Gratitude Lodge Kitchen counters & fridge top, to the pathways & cabins, through the studios, and into local community spaces like the West Cummington Parrish house, E|MERGE wove together a myriad of local, national & international artists, soundscapes, landscapes and dancescapes.

Artist-in-Residence: Gabriel Forestieri

My time at Earthdance has come at a very special moment in my life. In which almost everything I was involved in transitioned. It left me with many questions, feelings of confusion, and healthy dose of fear. The space and time this residency has offered has allowed me to look deeply into my practice and my perspectives. Which has shown me many, many misperceptions, traps, and blocks (all of my construction). Although I am not sure how this translates into the hyper kinetic world of dance in NYC.

BIODANZA- the poetry of human encounter

by Michelle Dubreuil Macek, Director of the IBF School of Biodanza MD/DC opening Oct 2012

Gabriel Forestieri

Gabriel was born in Louisiana raised in Detroit and transplanted from San Francisco to New York City in 2004. As the Choreographer/Director of projectLIMB he is intent on connecting communities with their landscape, resources, and each other. Gabriel has taught dance at Movement Research,
Carnegie Mellon University, Hollins University, Joffrey Ballet School, The Movement Invention Project in New Jersey, and at New York University. Internationally he has taught at Dance festivals in Brazil, Italy, and Germany.

Leah Nelson

Leah Nelson has been dabbling in and investigating Contact Improvisation since stumbling upon it at Barnard College in 2000. She loves the meditative, fully present moment that Contact allows, and she continues to challenge herself (and her unsuspecting partners) to uncover something new in how she and they move. From 2008-2010 she held a Contact Jam called "Buttah & Jam" in her Brooklyn loft space . She now calls Salt Lake home and co-facilitates the Salt Lake Improv Jam there.
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