Conference Conversations with Nomadic College Faculty

The Nomadic College opens it's doors to the public.  

June 12, 2012 - 8:30pm - June 26, 2012 - 10:00pm

The Nomadic College faculty will offer lectures to the public over the course of three Tuesday evenings in June. Suggested donation of 5$ for all visitors to our community events.  Please pre-register at least two days ahead if you stay for a meal: Please email nomadiccollege [dot] na [at] gmail [dot] com  subject: meal reservation + date

Food for Movers: what does the science say?
Tuesday June 12, 8:30pm by Sebastian Grubb  

Francesca Pedulla

Francesca is a dancer and choreographer, graduated in History of Theatre and Drama,  has dedicated herself to culture and African dance since 1990. Fundamental in her formation was the encounter with the master Koffi Koko. In 1999 she graduated as professor of dance expression at the African Centre Artistique 6-éme Parallel - FEIDA Bordeaux. In 2001 she graduated from the Mime Theater at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.

Sebastian Grubb

Sebastian is a movement artist and personal trainer based in San Francisco. He performs, choreographs and teaches dance from the perspectives of artistry and health. He has toured nationally with AXIS Dance Company since 2009, and has performed in Scott Wells & Dancers since 2008. His choreographic work has been both commissioned and self-produced, and has been shown extensively in the SF Bay Area and also in Florida, Washington State, and Washington, DC.

Spring at Earthdance

Winter Turns to Spring at Earthdance

2010 JF/HT Healthy Living Conference


Liberation and Legacy: The Julius Ford / Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Conference 2010

Michael Franti on JF/HTHLC

See video

Michael Franti talks with a group from the Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Project.

The Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Community

The Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Community (JF/HTHLC) is a year-round initiative that creates opportunities for critical thinking, healthy living and co-creating community among inter-generational educators, activists, artists, community builders and under-served youth.

Gopi Krishna is at Earthdance because...

I trace my bloodline from these Appalachian Hills back Tens of Thousands of years.  

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