Making Tamales with Monel

Reflections from (Engage) Bodies in Action by Nick Chavez

I never walked naked and steaming through a forest before.
I never danced as if I could, in front of strangers no less.

Keeping the home fires burning, with our new Earthen Oven

This Fall Joshua Freund and Ashley Schenk came to Earthdance to help us create an beautiful earthen oven.


The Annual GALA: Coming Earthdance!

an improvisational party and fundraiser based on the celebration score

Saturday December 8th 2012

5:30-8pm dinner| 8pm-12 Celebration
Earthdance, Plainfield Ma


Dinner, Live Auction, Performance,
Dancing, Music, 
Past & Present will provide
the score for this momentous community event!

Discount Tickets Available until November 30th

Announcement header text: 
Discount Tickets Available until November 30th

Join us December 8th for our annual community celebrationa and fundraiser.  Performances, dinner, a live auction, music and dancing will provide the score of this momentous communit event! Click here for more information.

2012 GALA: Coming Earthdance!

Our annual fundraiser and community celebration, remembering our roots and moving toward our sustainable future.

December 8, 2012 - 6:00pm - December 9, 2012 - 12:00am
Performances, dinner, a live auction, music and dancing will provide the score for this momentous community event! 
5:30-6pm: Pre-Gala Dinner

8pm-midnight Gala Celebration  
Performer(s) and DJ details:
Zany Angels (dance theater video)  Western, MA
Ophra Wolf & dancers    NYC                          &nbs


Dear Community members,
This fall we invite you to join us in celebrating AND raising much needed funds for your HOME away from home: EARTHDANCE.

Rythea Lee on Teaching Performance Art with The Zany Angels

Rythea will be teaching a workshop with Rose Oceania here at Earthdance, November 9-11, 2012, don't miss this great opportunity to study with incredible artists, find the humor in who you are, go deep, and get Zany.

Interview with Artist-in-Residence, Jen Abrams

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At Earthdance, artists frequently stay to take a creative personal retreat for themselves and their work. Jen Abrams, from Brooklyn, who is a choreographer, dancer, writer, and has been trained as an actor, visited us for a week at the end of August. She has been working a multidisciplinary performance project called Any Resemblance. It follows a queer interracial couple trying to get pregnant. The project takes place live in the LaMama lobby, and online.  Jen has been a long-time contact improvisation teacher as well as a friend of Earthdance.

Interview with Artist-in-Residence, Jen Abrams

By Monel Chang, Executive Intern


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