SEEDS Festival Community Day Celebration

July 17, 2010 - 10:00am - 10:00pm

All day:

Green m-Art
Local craftspeople and artisans offer eco-friendly and eco-inspired creations for purchase.

Sustainability Info Swap
Local and regional organizations and education centers exchange information and resources.


SEEDS 2010

July 9, 2010 - 5:00pm - July 18, 2010 - 3:00pm
SEEDS is an interdisciplinary arts and ecology festival gathering artists, scientists, community activists, spiritual leaders, permaculture practitioners, and more, for a ten-day festival of workshops, residencies, performances, discussions, and artistic investigations, forming a unique and vital organism. Faced with how to live on a planet in crisis, SEEDS proposes that the unique intelligence of embodiment can create new approaches for our understanding of ecology and nurturing the earth.

Photo: Karen Schaffman

Marbles Jumbo Radio

Marbles Jumbo Radio places the queered, marginalized body as a central subject through dance and physical practice. Their work has been presented in New York at HERE, Danspace Project, and Joyce SOHO, and in Los Angeles at REDCAT, Dance Camera West, Anatomy Riot, Pieter, and LACE. They are a 2008 CHIME grant recipient, and with mentor Simone Forti, they created the performance and practice of Ice Bergs.

Will Shields

Will Shields is a pupil of systems and their intrinsic relationship to other systems. Ecologically motivated, he weaves a myriad of subjects into a more integrated holism. By connecting the realms of music theory, herbalism, physics, living pharmacies, ecology, edible ecosystems, regenerative design, and bio-intensive gardening, he hopes to create a fabric of land management that enhances current systems at Earthdance. He also aims to facilitate environmental literacy while simultaneously broadening interest in systems design.

Kay Cafasso

Kay Cafasso is a certified permaculture designer practicing the thoughtful design of ecological landscapes. Kay is Director of Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design & Education, offering ecological garden design services for homeowners and land stewards.

Sherwood Chen

Sherwood Chen (US/FR) has worked as a performer with artists including Anna Halprin, Xavier Le Roy, Min Tanaka, l’agence touriste, Sara Shelton Mann, inkBoat, Ko Murobushi, Grisha Coleman, and Liz Santoro. He co-founded the dance collaborative Headmistress with Oakland-based choreographer Amara Tabor-Smith.

Margaret Paek

Margaret Paek is dedicated to collaboration and sees dance as a life practice. She is a Lower Left collective artist ( deeply influenced by her relationships with contact improvisation, Ensemble Thinking, Alexander Technique, Barbara Dilley, Nina Martin, Shelley Senter, Loren Dempster, and their daughter.

Benoît Lachambre

Benoît Lachambre has been evolving in the field of dance since the 1970s. He discovered the release technique in 1985 – a kinaesthetic approach to movement and improvisation – causing a shift in his choreographic style. He devoted himself to an exploratory approach of movement and its sources, with the aim to seek the authenticity of the gesture.

Community SING & Potluck with Penny Schultz

May 8, 2016 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

One Sunday a month, Earthdance Co-Founder and community member, Penny Schultz, brings us together to raise our voices in joyful harmony. Songs from around the world celebrate the earth, love, and community. No singing expertise is required, and people of all ages are invited to join!

Sing 5:30-7pm ($5-10 suggested donation)

Dynamic Stability: A Feldenkrais® Workshop with Sarah Young & Fritha Pengelly

June 4, 2016 - 10:00am - 6:00pm

Feldenkrais said, “Good posture is the ability to move in any direction without preparation.” How do our habits limit our possibilities for movement? How does this relate to ‘posture'? In this workshop, we will explore the potency of a dynamic stability and how this can improve our ability to move with both power and ease. Experiential Awareness Through Movement lessons, reflection, and dialogue will provide an environment for learning about one’s habits and discover potential for spontaneous and skillful action.

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