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Dear Earthdancers,



by admin Dec 12 2011 - 4:56pm

Earthdance began in 1986, when a group of dancers and artists in Boston joined together to cultivate a place for creative expression. Purchasing 175 acres of land in the glorious Berkshire hills...

by admin Dec 12 2011 - 4:53pm

Hanging on the wall in my apartment in Asheville, NC is a treasured photograph of "The Farm," my grandparent's home (which you bought from my family) . I grew up in West Cummington and my brother...

by admin Dec 5 2011 - 6:10pm

BACK in 1986, a loose-knit group of dance enthusiasts from Boston asked: Is it possible to escape city life, share a house and children, and give themselves over to pursuing art in the bosom of...

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