CIR: Creators-in-Residence Application

CIR: Creators-in-Residence Application

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Calling all Creatives: dancers, improvisers, artists, writers and researchers of all kinds.

CIR: Creators-in-Residence, Earthdance's year-round residency program, offers the beauty and solace of Western Massachusetts and the community-living atmosphere of Earthdance with focused time and space for creative research.

CIR is an opportunity for you to delve into the development of your work and share with the local community through a variety of formats.  You can offer a weekly class to our residents and local community, a performance, give a talk, set-up a dialogue or discussion, or create your own way of engaging with the community that supports the development of your work.

Please submit CIR proposals 1-4 months in advance of your requested residency dates. Those with flexible dates are easiest to place.

For more information about our Creators In Residence Program, please refer to our website.

Please fill out the application below!

If you have questions or are having problems with this webform please email contact [at] earthdance [dot] net - thank you!

Basic Information
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Please note difference in structure and fees for groups between 5-11 artists (GCIR) and those larger than 12 (Small group rentals). See CIR web-page for more details.

Residency Dates
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