Falling Leaves Jam: Harvesting Diversity

Facilitated by Sarah Young and Paul Singh

October 24, 2013 - 5:00pm - October 27, 2013 - 3:00pm

Experience Earthdance's final Seasonal Jam of the year, celebrating and embodying the quintessential qualities of fall: diversity, multiplicity, and transition. The Autumn's vibrancy of colors, shapes and forms enter our bodies as we play with a range of approaches to Contact Improvisation and community. The shifts taking place in our surrounding Berkshire mountains join with the evolutions we find in the dance. Come harvest the fruits of the passing year; rejoice in old friends, abundance and new growth!

Jam Schedule:

5pm or later Arrival
5:00-6:30pm REGISTRATION
6-7pm Dinner
8pm on Arrival & Open Studios for Jamming

8-9 am Breakfast
8:45-9:45am REGISTRATION
10am-1pm Opening Circle, Warm Up and Morning Session (Umbrella Barn)
12pm Fundamentals Class (Square Barn)
1-2pm Lunch
3-6pm Afternoon Workshops and Open Dancing (Both Studios)
6-7pm Dinner
8pm Open Jamming (Umbrella Barn & Square Barn)(Fri-Sun folks arriving)

8-9 am Breakfast
8:45-9:45am REGISTRATION (Thur-Sat folks leaving)
10am-1pm Warm Up and Morning Session (Umbrella Barn)
1-2pm Lunch & Town Hall Meeting
2-3pm Earthdance Store Open
3-6pm Afternoon Workshops & Open Dancing (Both Studios)
6-7pm Dinner
8pm Opening Jamming (Umbrella Studio & Square Barn)

8-9pm Breakfast
10am-12:30pm Warm Up & Morning Session
12:30pm Closing Circle
1-2pm Lunch
2pm House Clean
2:30-3:30pm Earthdance Store Open
3:30pm Departure


Register before October 24th for $15 off!  (discount included in listed prices)

Tuition/Room/Board All Inclusive:

Full Jam Option
Retiree/Student Rate: $240
Regular Rate: $270
Professional Rate: $300

1 Day Less Option (either Thurs evening-Sat morning, or Fri night-Sun afternoon)
Retiree/Student Rate: $190
Regular Rate: $220
Professional Rate: $250

Young Persons Rate
0-3 years old: FREE
3-10 years old: $120
10-17 years old: $200

$10 off per day

$15 off per day

Private Room
$50 more per person

Single Day Rate (includes all meals and events throughout the day, does NOT include overnight)
Adults: $65-85
Young Persons: $20-35

Read the Earthdance cancellation policy.

Photo©John Barrett

Sarah Young

Sarah Young is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher , dancer, and current director of Earthdance Creative Living Project in Plainfield, Massachusetts.

As a performer, Sarah has worked most closely with dance makers Hilary Easton, Steven Koplowitz, Jill Sigman, Ann Robideaux, Alexx Shilling, David Dorfman, and Nancy Stark Smith. She was a member of the Treehouse Shakers, bringing modern dance and storytelling to young audiences, and assisted Dana Salisbury's Dark Dining Projects. Her own work has been shown at various small venues throughout NYC. She has enjoyed numerous dance festivals and countless Contact Improvisation jams. Her ongoing curiosity of movement and desire to learn from an injury led her to study The Feldenkrais Method. She was a student of the Feldenkrais Practitioners' Training Program NY5, under the direction of David Zemach-Bersin.

Sarah is a Wisconsin native and studied dance and international arts at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she received a Ford Foundation Fellowship to study indigenous dance in Zimbabwe. Through these studies, Sarah founded Flying Art, an international exchange of art among youth. From 2008-10, she served as a Peace Corps .Volunteer in Morocco, collaborating to develop women's weaving associations in the High Atlas Mountains 

Paul Singh

Paul Singh earned his BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois. He has performed professionally in NYC for the last 8 years. He has also participated and taught in Contact Improvisation festivals all over the world.  While in NYC, Paul makes work for his company Singh & Dance.

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