The Richness of Time: Embodied Ecology & Fermentation with Matthew Nelson & Kendy Radasky

in conjunction with Fall Work Weekend

September 13, 2015 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join us for this one-day workshop as part of Fall Work Weekend.

Drawing from permaculture, nutritional therapy, somatics, and dance, this workshop investigates the transformational nature of time. Fermentation, by design, increases the vitality of our food. We are living systems, and our movement in time can be similarly enlivening.

From the speed of a reflex to the intentionality of a pause, time in the body is revealed through phrasing. Dancing time, we will notice the patterns that drive us, and explore the possibilities of movement phrasing for greater resilience, efficiency, diversity, and ease.

In parallel, we will sample and learn to prepare fermented foods while investigating their healthful influence on our internal ecologies. Fermentation not only extends the life of our food, but also increases its nutrient density and flavor. With a compassionate awareness of the biome within our gut, we acknowledge that we are made up of living systems.

Embodied ecology is about relationship. We will weave the phrasing of our internal connectivity into the dynamism of timely interaction with others and place. We participate in living systems. This workshop is designed for all human beings, with any level of experience with movement, food preparation, and being alive.



$30-60 sliding scale

Kendy Radasky

Kendy Radasky, M.S., NTP is an ecologist, permaculture and biology teacher, and a nutritional therapist. Her early training as an ecologist gave her a clear understanding of the complexity and significance of interrelationship among living systems. As a teacher and therapist, she enjoys helping people build awareness and consciousness – to awaken to themselves and their relationships to their world. As a permaculture designer, she strives for optimum ease, creativity, inclusivity, diversity, and resilience, and enjoys the challenge of ‘turning the problem into the solution’.  Kendy invests deeply in her relationships (with people, plants, animals, habitats, communities, and self), acknowledging the value in providing and receiving mutual support with other living systems. Kendy earned her M.S. in Ecology in 1998 at the University of Arizona, and her PDC in 2005 at OAEC in N. California. Her work within the field of permaculture has included designing and teaching a PDC curriculum at Santa Barbara City College, heading the EcoGarden Project with TreeUtah in Salt Lake City, UT, and creating/leading community-based permaculture guilds in Winona, MN and Salem, OR. Kendy recently finished her training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with NTA and is excited to begin guiding small groups and individual clients toward increased health and vitality through awareness of their relationships with food. Kendy is excited to be collaborating with her husband, Matthew Nelson, on the Embodied Ecology Project.

Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson is a movement artist, activist, educator, and researcher particularly in love with the participatory act of dancing. Eternally curious, he asks questions about living embodiment, making meaning of objective kinesiology through the subjective wisdom that comes from moving. His lineage includes an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, certification in Laban Movement Analysis with IMS, Massage certification, and Pilates certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning. An experienced teacher, Matthew has taught dance at multiple universities, and maintains a private practice as a bodyworker and somatic movement educator. Matthew believes that humans can learn to live with resilience and in diversity, efficiently and easefully collaborating with each other and a live earth. Holding our experience of embodiment as ground zero for this interaction, Matthew is a performer, attempting to practice what he preaches and be witnessed.

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