Life is Not a Bitch with Miguel Gutierrez

November 13, 2014 - 5:00pm - November 16, 2014 - 3:00pm

"How does the presence of an audience create a space of attention and extraordinary perception?

Brooklyn-based dance & music artist, Miguel Gutierrez, tangles with the poetics of performance in this weekend immersion. Moving between states of extreme expression - transcendent to mundane, heroic to abject, exhibitionist to introspective - Miguel opens Pandora's box for dancers to approach performance with ferocious commitment. Over the course of the weekend, dancers dig into real and 'invented' sensation and hammer away at their restrictive patterns to find new expressive possibilities. Engaging with the unanswerable questions of "Who are we?" and "Why are we here?" dancers acknowledge the richness and turbulence of their interior lives. Join Miguel in irreverently (Life is NOT a Bitch) vitalizing the body for the emotional, sensorial, and visceral excursion of performance.

Thursday November 13, 5pm through Sunday November 16, 3pm
Workshop fees are tiered for accessibility: student/retiree, regular, professional
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This workshop culminates in a public performance on Saturday November 15th at Earthdance:
Performing works developed through Life is Not a Bitch by Miguel Gutierrez and participating artists

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Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez is a Brooklyn-based dance and music artist whose evening-length performances engage enduring philosophical questions around who we are and why we’re here. His work explores themes of desire, longing, and the search for meaning, and aims to translate the experiential nature of performing into a sensory experience for the audience. In his experimentation, he prioritizes process over product and constantly re-defines form. Borrowing a term from the locavore, organic food movement: “I am making ‘slow’ art – a space of contemplation for inconvenient, contradictory ideas.” Miguel has collaborated with a wide range of contemporary dance, music, and visual artists. His work has been presented at Dance Theater Workshop (New York, NY), The Kitchen (New York, NY), MIX: The NY Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival (New York, NY), Diverseworks (Houston, TX), the Flynn Center (Burlington, VT), and internationally in festivals such as ImPuls Tanz (Vienna), Springdance Festival (Utrecht), and Touch:2005 (Archangel, Russia). Miguel has taught at NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing, ADF, and Critical Path (Sydney, Australia).

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